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At Atlas, we believe in doing the right thing-for our clients in the field and our internal staff-and we never waiver from that.  We believe that the values we have in place as a team internally are what allows us to provide optimal care for our clients - hospitals and healthcare professionals alike.   Honesty, independence, integrity, and pride aren’t just buzz words we use because they look good posted on a wall. They are the values we live by and are evident in the work we do every day.
Atlas MedStaff provides a unique approach to healthcare staffing. Our beliefs are inspired by a commitment to honesty, hard work, and determination. We start at great and expect more from every member of our team. A team which is focused, experienced, and dedicated to providing the ultimate travel experience to every healthcare professional we serve. As a veteran owned business, we know what it means to serve. We understand the difficult nature of change in the lives of our traveling healthcare professionals and support them throughout the process. Our dedicated staff have proven experience in the industry and provide a solid foundation for healthcare professionals inspired to make a difference in the lives of patients across the country. 


According to the Atlas Medstaff, they were born from evolution.  They wanted to do things differently, a better way, and change the industry.  Since 2012, they have been doing just that.  Atlas MedStaff was named to the INC 500 list of Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2016 and 2017 and I can see why.  They seem to have a different mentality on how they do business.

                One way they show their unique way of thinking is they literally take over Vegas at TravCon. Everywhere you go, you see Atlas and their followers.  T-Shirts exclaiming, Atlas: Where You Belong” are more prevalent than poker chips.   If you want to meet them though, you won’t find them at a booth.  You will have to go to one of their plethora of events they hold to celebrate travelers.  If you get there early, be sure to partake in one of their events and meet some amazing people.

                I had the opportunity to meet some of those amazing people in Vegas and in Omaha when they invited me out to see how things worked on the agency side of the business.  My family and I made the trek to Omaha to meet with them.  I was fortunate to be able to see their new office they moved into mere weeks ago.  As you walk into their office, you are greeted by one the VPs and co-owners of Atlas, Rich Smith.   Atlas thrives model that focuses on building relationships with their travelers and that starts at their front desk. 

From there my recruiter, Hannah Bryant, gave me a tour of the new office before we sat down to make a couple videos in their studio.  Hannah and I made a bill rate break down video, while Colleen Fristche joined us for a “Day in the Life of a recruiter” video.  Rich Smith began the video with me inquiring about ScrubSquad1978.  Check out the ScrubSquad1978 Facebook group to view these videos!

                After the business side of things.  Steve Seitner- Director of Staffing- Client Managers, joined us for lunch at a Cunningham’s, a local joint with some of the most amazing food and beer.  Steve had me try a Boulevard Linkin’ Up, which you have to try if you’re ever in the area.  Rich, Steve, and I met up at a local brewery called Kros Strain.  It had a variety of my choice of spirits, lagers, but Steve broadened my horizons with a few select choices of his own.  This was all after a wonderful time at the Omaha Zoo with Hannah and her daughter, who is my daughter’s new pen pal, followed by dinner at Big Fred’s with Rich and his family. 

Overall, it was a great visit, building relationships with many Atlas employees and learning the agency side of things.  If you are ever in Omaha, or simply passing through, I would recommend you stop by, make a video, and tour their office.  Maybe their motto “Atlas: Where You Belong” holds true for you.

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Hannah Bryant
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I’ve been in the travel nursing industry for over a decade (woohoo). I began fresh out of college at a small startup out of Omaha, NE. Having no clue what I was doing, I took it upon myself to learn every aspect of the job and industry (type A personality here). At a company that small we all wore a lot of hats but before the 2008 recession “forced” (I use that term loosely because it didn’t take much) me into recruiting I guess you could say I was our compliance/HR person (yes singular). Myself and another co-worker spearheaded our JCAHO accreditation process (step one was googling what JCAHO even was) and learned as much as we could along the way. I am so grateful for those experiences and being left to learn everything on my own; in the end it gave me a better perspective of the whole process verses just my piece of the pie as a present day recruiter. It gave me an understanding of all the working parts of a company and the industry because I’ve gotten to do them all from recruiting and client management to benefits, housing and compliance (even payroll).
Fast forward 6 years and the company dissolves (sad face) BUT leave it to my sister-in-law (ER RN) to save the day. The owner of atlas MedStaff came into the ER after playing a lunchtime game of basketball with some 20 something year old’s (lesson learned Steve) trying to recruit my sister-in-law who was his nurse (full permission to share this story no HIPPA violations here) but instead she sold him on me! Fast forward another 4 years and here I am, happy as a clam at the fastest growing staffing company in the country BOOM!
My favorite part of recruiting is the relationships I’ve built on the foundation of mutual trust and respect that have lasted through the years. I love living vicariously through the nurses I work with, helping find cool stuff to do in their temporary home and make the most of each and every assignment. A close second is educating newer nurses. There is so much misinformation out there that is way too often taken as “fact”! The best weapon of defense a nurse can have in this industry is knowledge! The more you know, the less you’re going to get talked into bad assignments, low packages etc, the happier you’ll be with traveling and your company/recruiter. It is a win win!


Becca Jaquis-Givens
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Why did you choose Atlas MedStaff?
Having been a part of other agencies in the past, I know Atlas to be honest, loyal and put the nurses we work with as the main priority. This means the world to me! Atlas is truly a family and to work with us, you become family too.

My family consists of, my wonderful husband Brad. We were just married in August 2019. 

In also have two amazing (grown) boys, Spencer and Chandler.Spencer just finished his senior year at Midland University and now works as the Systems Admin for Atlas. Chandler is a certified personal trainer and health enthusiast and currently works for COSTCO  I also have 3 older brothers and two older sisters. Yep! Youngest of 6!! I remain close to my siblings and their families. 

We recently said "goodbye" to our beloved 10 year old German Shepherd, Luther and he will always be our first love. We now have a new German Shepherd puppy that we got close to Christmas 2018. And let’s not forget the real boss, our playful two year old cat, Jax (Jaximous Decimous Meridious)

My hobbies include SINGING, playing piano, reading, movies, SINGING, travel, sporting events, concerts, cooking and SINGING. And I am always up for new adventures.

Any other information you want to share:
I was adopted when I was 6 months old from Bangladesh. I owe my parents everything for all they did to “get” me. My family and my faith are the two single most important things in my life. I have four tattoos (so far) defining the sacrifices made by the those who gave so much to me.

Top 3 things on your Bucket List:
1. Extended vacation in Greece

2. Learn to sail

3. Whale watch

Favorite Quote:
“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, LOVE of what you are doing” -Pele

Tiffany Agosta
Allied recruiter

Why did you choose Atlas MedStaff?
I chose Atlas because of the amazing culture, reputation, and flexibility

Husband (Anthony) and two kids, Anthony and Sebastian

Beagle (Wrigley)

I enjoy spending quality time with family and friends, Huge Husker fan, Cubs fan, cooking, working out, camping, fishing, boating, and wake boarding

Top 3 things on your Bucket List:
1. Travel the world with my family

2. See the Huskers win a National Championship live and in person

3. Sit behind home plate at Wrigley Field watching the Cubs win a World Series

Favorite Quote:
"Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark." - Jay Danzie

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