The 5th state.
Capital: Hartford
Motto: He who is transplanted still sustains
Flower: Mountain-laurel
Bird: American robin


Better when you get it from the source


Two Roads Brewing Company was founded in 2012 by four friends who dreamed for years of starting a craft brewery. We foster a “road less traveled” philosophy in the beers we make and how we make them. In that spirit, Phil Markowski, our award-winning Brewmaster and 27 year craft beer veteran has created an extensive lineup that takes a unique twist on classic beer styles. Two Roads was named one of the ten best breweries in America by Paste Magazine and has won many awards including gold for Belgian Lambic style Ale in 2016 at the Great American Beer Festival. 
Two Roads isn’t just the logo on our brewery building, it’s our philosophy. Life always seems to offer up two ways to go. It just so happens, we prefer the one less taken and having some fun along the way – in our lives, our careers and especially for our beers! Now our “road less traveled” philosophy is being brought to life in the beers that we create and how we create them.


We here at NEBCo started brewing beer with one guiding force; passion (Okay, two forces. We also wanted to see if we could actually make beer that we wanted to drink). That initial, passionate drive is still deeply rooted in each one of us today. And it will stick around as we continue to brew our beer, hopefully growing into one of the best and most respected craft breweries in New England. We strive for the highest quality beer experience by following some basic, simple, core values.


Classified as a Microbrewery, our 217 gallon/7 BBL brew house allows us to be creative, agile and extremely hands on with every ounce of beer we produce. Due to our small production size, you can expect several experimental brews a year and different takes on classic styles on a regular basis.

Our aim is to reincarnate the days gone by when beer was produced by someone on your block rather than a multinational corporation. We are obviously not concerned with economies of scale and we think that shows in the quality of our offerings!
We offer a complimentary taste of each of our available brands with availability ranging from one to five beers. We also offer growler fills in the 64 and 32 oz variety for takeaway sales. We NOW offer seating and on site beverage service.  However we do  not offer food, feel free to bring a few snacks in to pair with your pints!

We are housed inside the American Velvet Mill. Please park in the parking lot and enter through the door with our sign along Bayview Ave.


Built on the premise that small manufactures creating quality products are still of backbone of this country, we are proud to be in our second decade of producing quality craft beers in Connecticut. We offer unique beers that are highly respected and recognized for consistency and quality. With numerous accolades and awards, Thomas Hooker Brewing is Connecticut’s small brewer with a huge reputation.
Our mission is to be the first choice among Connecticut’s beer drinkers, thanks to our award-winning taste, quality and freshness. At Thomas Hooker Brewing Company we make beer the way it’s meant to be made: hand-crafted from the finest malts, hops and essential ingredients – and painstakingly true to style. It’s the time honored, age-old way of creating beer.
We believe that local products create local pride, and locally produced beer tastes best when it’s fresh from the source. The Craft Brewery concept isn’t a fad. Beer that’s brewed, delivered and served locally is as fresh as it can possibly be, and is increasingly the identifying signature of a location.


Our brewery is not the creation of a sole individual rather an Order of individuals. Ideals, techniques and ingredients come from places as near as the orchard to more than 1,900 leagues aways.
The goal of all being to create ales & concoctions of fantastic aromas & flavors.
For all of the ales are living, none are to be filtered or pasteurized. All shall undergo long maturation times while many others will spend time resting on wood.
It is a story originating before the Reinheitsgebot of 1516, before industrial brewing when ale was meant to lift & enhance the human spirit from the drudgery of hard work.
If this is a story of interest, come seek us out.

South Windsor

Connecticut Valley Brewing Company is an independently owned and operated family business. The company was founded by two Connecticut locals who have dreamt of opening a brewery for many years and have always wanted to create a place where the community could gather and enjoy each other’s company. Our South Windsor facility, which we officially opened in early 2018, is situated in the heart of the Connecticut Valley. Our brewery is just a short, five minute drive to the banks of the beautiful Connecticut River.


At Counter Weight, we are passionate about beer.  Brewing it, drinking it, and sharing it with others.
Our goal is to continuously honor long-held brewing traditions while exploring new and innovative methods to highlight each ingredient and delight your palate with every sip. We’ll delve into passion projects focused on wild yeast and wood aging, while continuing to evolve the definition of what a big, flavorful, hoppy beer can be. From beautiful, rustic Belgian ales and refined, sturdy German lagers to bright, hop-forward American IPA's, we will venture on an exciting odyssey of brewing. As we explore, we hope that you’ll join us.


One more move was in the cards for us, and we made yet another trek down Main Street to our home in the current granite and limestone 1909 U.S. Post Office Building. Abandoned in 1967 by the Federal Government this building lay vacant for nearly 30 years. When used as a post office, our dining room was the post office work room, our pub was the customer lobby, and the private dining room was the Postmaster‘s office. Although extensive renovations have been made to the building, we wanted to retain the early 20th century architecture as well as create a pleasant atmosphere for dining. Remnants of post office memorabilia have been preserved to add to the flavor of the restaurant. Featured in our dining room is a 12‘ by 17‘ mural, created by Gordan MacDonald, depicting 1920‘s Main Street scene. A 60‘ mahogany bar, crafted by Peter Huckins is the centerpiece of the pub area.

It is in this building that the Willimantic Brewing Company was born. Viewed from our Dining Room, our 7 barrel brewery produces our freshly made handcrafted beers. Please feel free to explore our main floor and discover all our hidden treasures. On behalf of our entire staff, we welcome you and hope you share in our excitement for our living landmark restaurant and pub brewery.



Enjoy Nature



Bluff Point is the last remaining significant piece of undeveloped land along the Connecticut coastline. Jutting out into waters of Long Island Sound this wooded peninsula, measuring one and one-half miles long by one mile wide, encompasses over 800 acres.

Rocky Hill

We are one of the largest dinosaur track sites in North America. Beneath our geodesic dome, you will find an exceptional display of early Jurassic fossil tracks that were made 200 million years ago.
Surrounding our Exhibit Center are more than two miles of nature trails and the Dinosaur State Park Arboretum, containing more than 250 species and cultivars of conifers, as well as katsuras, ginkgoes, magnolias and other living representatives of plant families which appeared in the Age of Dinosaurs.
Our Museum presents a bird’s-eye view of the preserved Mesozoic floodplain covered with tracks, dioramas of Triassic and Jurassic environments, collections of fossils, and interactive exhibits.


The Thimble Islands are a chain of 365 islands in Stony Creek Harbor off the southeast coast of Branford in Long Island Sound. This archipelago was first recorded as “Thimble Islands” in Branford town records in 1739 but earlier maps show them named the “Hundred Islands.” Legends say that the islands were named for thimbleberries, a relative of our native black raspberries, but are seldom found in the area. Dutch explorer, Adrian Block was the first European to discover the islands in 1614, although the Mattabesek Indians knew them well and referred to them as Kuttomquosh, “the beautiful sea rocks.” The sizes of the islands vary greatly from acres wide down to small rocks jutting up from the sea, and the majority can only be seen during times of low tide.

cath pines.jpg


Witness the remains of what was once the largest stand of old-growth white pine and hemlock trees in New England.  New England's largest stand of old-growth white pine and hemlock trees was devastated by three tornadoes in July 1989. The existing trail at Cathedral Pines traverses the remaining intact portion of the stand.

Ecologists seek out this site to better understand the dynamics of forest succession—the slow process of a forest's regrowth and rejuvenation.



Two miles of mountaintop resembling a large man lying in repose, the "sleeping giant", is a popular feature of the south central Connecticut skyline. A 1 1/2 mile scenic trail leads to the stone observation tower on the peak of Mt. Carmel which provides an excellent view of Long Island Sound and the New Haven area. In 1924 Sleeping Giant was designated as a state park.



One of Connecticut's most popular state parks and one of New England's top places for a picnic. Here you will find 250 feet of cascades and plunges and one of the finest, well-maintained public parks in the region. 
A trip to Kent Falls is one way to view just about every different classification of waterfall. There are plunges, horsetails, punchbowls, blocks, and fans. Many of the falls are also very photogenic.
The trail to the middle and upper falls is steep, but manageable. The lower falls alone are worth a trip, but if you are able to, make sure to climb up the trail to see the rest of the variety this series of waterfalls has to offer. Schedule a few hours when you visit this park as it also offers a small covered bridge, large grassy fields, and plenty of picnic tables and fire-pits.

west river.jpg

New Haven

The West River and its tributaries flow through Prospect, Bethany, Woodbridge, Hamden, Orange, New Haven and West Haven before entering New Haven Harbor and eventually the Long Island Sound. The watershed drains approximately 35 square miles and is roughly 25 miles in length from source to Sound. 75,000 people live within this watershed.



The State Park acquisition of Silver Sands, ultimately involving over 300 parcels, began after Hurricane "Diane" destroyed 75 homes in 1955.  The City of Milford, needing help to renovate the battered beach, asked the Park Commission for help with the nearly overwhelming task.  When the land transfers were complete in 1960, Silver Sands became the state's fourth shoreline park.
Early vision of the park was to create both extensive buildings and infrastructure and an inviting shorefront and also to reclaim the inland acreage from its prior use as a municipal landfill.  The present master plan seeks to return the site to its historic coastal past including ecologically healthy interior tidal wetlands separated from Long Island Sound by sand dunes, and to only build limited structures needed to support the park's visitors.



Enjoy hiking or biking the varied trails of the park or spend some time enjoying the beautiful falls.  For a longer stay, visit the designated swimming and picnic area of the park.  Please note that swimming and picnicking are prohibited at the Big Falls - it is an area intended for short visits to view the scenic falls



Enders Falls is an exceptional collection of five distinct waterfalls, several with popular swimmable pools. The first set of falls is a 6-foot cascade: commendable, but not a strong indication of what lies downstream. An easy jaunt further down the trail brings you to the level of the river, where the second falls can be partially seen upstream. The second falls, which is best seen by crossing the stream, is a 30-foot horsetail and plunge combination that fans widely down between rugged overhanging gorge walls. Fishing is popular in the pool below these falls, which are surrounded on all sides by hemlock trees and thick moss. 
The third falls, probably the most heavily photographed of all here, is part-horsetail, part-plunge. The water gently slides sideways off a wide ledge only to plunge off a second ledge directly afterwards into a refreshing pool. Altogether, the third falls are about 18 feet tall in height, and they are also best seen from the opposite side of the stream bank.
The fourth falls are just a hop, skip, and jump downstream from the third falls. Here, the brook slips off an overhanging lip 12 feet down to a pool below. This is perhaps the least photogenic falls of the group. The fifth falls are not to be missed. This 15-foot two-segment plunge marks the end of the drops in fine style. A gathering of small boulders outlines the medium-sized pool at the base of the falls, which is likely to be less crowded than those above.



Enjoy there or take a bottle (or two) home with you.



Come and visit Sharpe Hill Vineyard, the award winning winery of Connecticut's Quiet Corner! Sharpe Hill Vineyard has received over 450 medals in International tastings and is located in the town of Pomfret - just minutes from scenic Route 169 and from the Putnam Antiques District.
We hope that you will join us in the near future, and we look forward to offering you a sample of what we consider to be some of the finest wines vinted.


Nestled in the beautiful White Hills of Shelton, Connecticut, lies one of the state's premier wineries. The balance of rich soil, southwestern-facing slopes, and an experienced 6th generation farmer working the land, combine to make Jones Winery a true treasure for guests to cherish and enjoy.  In a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, we help guests discover how to taste wines and to appreciate Connecticut wines. Our talented staff leads guests through a guided tasting so they can explore for themselves what they like best about wine. The focus of our wine tastings and our tasting room experience is education.


With a preservationist’s bent and keen appreciation of our vineyard’s past, the goal has been to sustain, in contemporary function and fashion, the two foundations of the property’s place in Stonington’s history: coastal Connecticut farmland and a WWII-era private airport. 
Indeed, our award-winning wines are a testament to the fact that the best results are achieved from the inherent quality and unique character of the soil and climate afforded to us by our home on the beautiful Connecticut shoreline.


Nestled in Coastal New England, Maugle Sierra Vineyards is dedicated to producing premium Connecticut and New England grown wines. With 11 acres in grape production, it is a must see for visitors. Come to the winery; enjoy wine tastings, purchase wine by the glass, bottle or case. Picnicking with friends on our wine patio or Rendezvous  overlook is encouraged with wine purchase.


Our goal at Sunset Meadow Vineyards is to provide our patrons with high quality, estate grown wines that reflect the character and charm of the Litchfield Hills.
Stop by our vineyards in Goshen, Connecticut, to experience a great selection of award winning wines in an inviting atmosphere that truly is the essence of Sunset Meadow Vineyards!


Stonington Vineyards, a founding member of the Connecticut Wine Trail, is best known for its barrel fermented Chardonnay and its proprietory blends Seaport White and Triad Rose. We also produce Reisling and Cabernet Franc.

The majority of our wines are sold from the tasting room with the balance sold to fine restaurants and wine shops throughout Connecticut and Rhode Island. We have grown slowly, with the emphasis on quality not quantity. We produce 6,000-7000 cases per year and sell about 90% of our production at retail from our tasting room.


The first vines were planted in the spring of 1984, a five acre vineyard consisting primarily of Chardonnay with a small quantity of Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir. From 1986 through 1992 the remaining acreage was prepared and planted, for a combined total of 20 acres. The winery was completed the summer of 1988 when Chamard became a licensed farm winery. The first wine, a 1988 Chardonnay was released for sale in November of 1989.
The 40-acre property boasts 20 acres of established vines that benefit from being only two miles north and influenced by the moderating temperatures of Long Island Sound.
The vines are carefully tended by hand in the European tradition, yielding superior Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot and Pinot Noir fruit. Current production is 10,000 cases annually.

East Canaan

Situated in the foothills of the Berkshires, on land steeped in early American History, the Land of Nod vineyard & winery continues the American tradition of skill and excellence in craftsmanship.  We believe that wine is food from the land and it is at its best when served with food.

New Preston

In 1979, Bill and Judith Hopkins transformed their dairy farm into a vineyard, one of the first in what has become a thriving Connecticut industry. Since then, it has consistently produced award-winning whites, reds and sparkling wines. Hopkins Vineyard grows 11 varieties of grapes in a spectacular setting overlooking Lake Waramaug.

Hopkins Vineyard is a National Bicentennial farm owned and run by the Hopkins Family for over 225 years. It has a long tradition of family and hospitality. When you come to Hopkins, you are welcomed as part of that long tradition. Friendliness, hospitality and fun guides our staff every day.


The Mirandas’ handcrafted vintages are produced using traditional European methods passed down through the generations, combined with modern scientific advances. Come visit the picturesque vineyard located in the rolling Litchfield hills. Bring a picnic and friends! Take in the scenery and enjoy a glass of their unique award-winning wines.

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