The 1st state.

Capital: Dover

Motto: Liberty and independence

Flower: Peach Blossom

Bird: Delaware Blue Hen


Better when you get it from the source


There’s a lot to do and see here at our Milton Tasting Room & Kitchen, and when you see our Steampunk Treehouse, outdoor fermenters and bocce courts, you’ll know that you've arrived!
Offering 27 rotating taps, you’ll find the freshest off-centered ales in all the land, each available for growler or Crowler fills! Imbibe one of our Tasting Room Exclusives crafted on our R&D brewing system, or reach for a pint from Rack AeriAle, our specialized barrel-aged, nitrogen draft system. Created by Dogfish Head founder Sam Calagione in collaboration with AC Beverage, there’s only one other system that exists in the US!
There's nothing we love more than showing folks around our off-centered world, so we've curated a wide variety of tour options for the beer & spirit geek alike! Whether you're looking for a quick peek or you want to see just how the donuts ... er, beer is made, we've got a little something for everyone! Our daily, year-round tours include all parts of our Milton campus, led by our knowledgeable Experience Guides. You can make reservations for our specialty tours such as the Grain to Glass tour, or you can pop in for the free Quick Sip tour. After you're done, come back to the Tasting Room for complimentary samples. Yeah we said it … free beer!


We craft brews that embody the Crooked Hammock spirit: easy-to-sip, but full of flavor. From juicy, citrus-forward IPA's, to thirst-quenching sours and easy-drinkin' ales and lagers, our beer is meant for the backyard, and that's just where you'll drink it.

We serve a classic, made from scratch, backyard cookout menu...burgers, dogs & lots of sides...throw in a few classic brewpub faves like a giant Bavarian pretzel, nachos & wings... and we serve it up quick.


than letting our craft beers and handcrafted foods inspire one another in unexpected ways.

And while we’re the
most award-winning brewery
east of the Mississippi,
we’re not in it for the fame or the glory.

We’re in it because we love what we do.
Which is brewing beer.
Getting creative in the kitchen.
And integrating our passion from tap to table.

We’re more than a scratch kitchen.
We’re more than a craft brewery.

We’re Iron Hill


Our story began on the morning after Eric William’s 40th birthday. While most 40-year olds celebrate their midlife crisis with a car and a younger girlfriend, Eric woke up and told his wife “Megan, we are going to open a craft brewery in Milford!”
After two years of planning, brewing (and tasting!!), traveling the country, and assembling a team of partners, Mispillion River Brewing opened in Milford, Delaware in the Fall of 2013. It is our goal to use the highest quality barley, hops, water and yeast to produce the finest beers on Mullet Run St. Our beers are for all drinkers, from n00bs to nerds, from Hopheads to Stoutfaces.
Our mission statement sums it all up:
Mispillion River Brewing aims to be recognized by its customers and the brewing industry for producing the highest quality craft beer. We honor craft brewing by using the highest quality ingredients, and strive for the best customer service in the industry.
Beer is our passion and the local community is our motivation.

Rehoboth Beach

At Revelation Craft Brewing Company we believe that with a solid core in fundamentals of process and quality, the boundaries for the craft of brewing are limitless.  We challenge ourselves to continuously improve those processes while bringing new sensory experiences to our customers.

What does that mean?  That you can always count on the highest quality brews paired with a completely one of a kind experience as you journey through the array of styles we have on tap for you.  So stop in to see us!  We would love to meet you unveil what we have brewing!


Twin Lakes is an American artisanal brewery preserving the art of brewing. 10 years ago a group of friends who shared a passion for home-brewing came together over their love of the craft, and decided to form a brewery that followed the time-honored methods of great brewing using only the best ingredients. We use only deep aquifer well-water, the finest grains, 100% whole-flower hops, and cultured yeast.Our Master Brewers adhere to traditional brewery methods by making beer that is steam brewed, gravity-fed, unfiltered and unpasteurized, to provide our customers with a truly delicious craft beer experience. Naturally brewed with a passion to be Fresh-Local-Delicious, at Twin Lakes we don’t make extreme beers, just extremely drinkable beers.


3rd Wave Brewing Co., established in 2012, is a micro brewery in Delmar, DE known as "The Little Town Too Big for One State." We are proudly situated 1/2 mile into Delaware in an old IGA grocery store where you will find some of the best brews on the Eastern Shore. Our brewery was previously home to Evolution Brewing Company.
We are a small but mighty brewery producing 5 house beers year round and a variety of seasonal beers which keep our 14 taps full at all times. We welcome beer drinkers of all kinds 7 days a week and have local area food truck available on the weekends. We love the beach, so you will be surrounded with a surf like theme and beer names that will remind you about being at the ocean.

Dewey Beach

Our Beer
30 feet or less. That's how far the beer we brew on site on our 7 barrel brewing system travels to reach your glass. Beer served at its freshest, as it was meant to be. Bringing local beer to Dewey Beach is our passion and our mission.

Our Food

The food we make in our kitchen incorporates locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. The items on our menu are inspired by traditional local recipes incorporating the freshest ingredients available on any given day.


Delaware’s 7th microbrewery located in The Historic Town of Smyrna. Brewing extra special beer offerings! Now open! Cheers!
The founder of our brewery Ronnie “Blue” Earl Price is a man of simple tastes, always on the hunt for great music, gourmet food, and exceptional craft beer. The simplicity of the blues had always drawn him in, the soulfulness, the earthiness of the style made him feel good inside. Barbecue is to food as blues is to music he would always say, nothing fast about the blues or barbecue, too fast with the blues and you lose the feeling, too fast with barbecue and, well, it just ain’t no good. Finding a good beer had always been a challenge. American beers had lost all their former goodness with mass production and mass marketing. They had lost the feeling. He decided that if it couldn’t be bought, he would have to brew it himself.



Enjoy Nature


Wicomico an Worcester Counties

The Great Cypress Swamp, or just “The Swamp” is situated on the Southern edge of Sussex county and spills over into both Wicomico an Worcester Counties in Maryland.  Historically, the Swamp was known as the headwaters of the Pocomoke River, but ditching in the 1930’s has diverted a large portion of its drainage to the Delaware Inland Bays.

The character and history surrounding The Great Cypress Swamp are as diverse and intriguing as its flora and fauna, and it offers endless opportunities for research about historic and ecological amenities of the region.  On the geological timescale, The Swamp shows evidence of sandy ridges and shallow depressions, which are remnants of the previous ice-age when the Delmarva Peninsula was a desert of windswept sand dunes



Stretching eight miles along Delaware Bay and covering 16,251 acres, Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge provides habitat for wildlife. Four-fifths of the refuge is tidal salt marsh with a mix of cordgrass meadows, mud flats, tidal pools, rivers, creeks, and tidal streams. The upland area includes forests, freshwater impoundments, brushy and timbered swamps, and fields of herbaceous plants. This diversity of habitats is reflected in the diversity of animal life.
The refuge offers visitors a 12-mile wildlife drive, five walking trails (2 handicapped accessible), three observation towers, wildlife photography, hunting opportunities, a variety of nature and educational programs, and interpretative displays.

cape henlopen.jpg


When the current lands of the state of Delaware were granted to William Penn sometime after 1682, Penn proclaimed that Cape Henlopen and its natural resources were to be for the common usage of the citizens of Lewes and Sussex County, thus establishing some of the nation's first "public lands." It has remained in the public domain ever since, playing a major role in local shipping and in the nation's military history. The historic Henlopen Lighthouse no longer helps to guide vessels through the treacherous bay waters, but the two stone "breakwaters" barriers off the point of the Cape, completed in 1869 and 1901, still form a safe harbor for boats during rough seas. As a Delaware state park, Cape Henlopen remains in the public domain.



The refuge offers a memorable experience for everyone. Avid photographers can enjoy the beauty of wildlife from a photography blind and wheel-chair accessible observation platform. Visitors can connect with nature by strolling down six miles of walking trails or from their vehicles along the four State roads crossing through the refuge. Hunters flock to Prime Hook for deer, waterfowl, upland game birds, and other small game. Two ponds and our seven-mile Prime Hook Creek offer fishing and canoeing opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors can enhance their understanding of natural resources through festivals, lecture & environmental education programs, and interpretive displays and activities.

Rehoboth Beach

Two ocean swimming areas, patrolled by lifeguards from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily during the summer season, feature modern bathhouses with showers, changing rooms and concession stands. The beach just north of the Inlet is one of the few surfing areas within the park.
A special access pier at the Indian Inlet allows the elderly and people with disabilities to get close to the fishing action. Clamming and crabbing are permitted in some sections of the bays; please check with the Park Office for open areas. Marked dune crossings allow surf-fishing access for four-wheel drive vehicles on the beach



The land that is today known as White Clay Creek State Park includes parts of the boundary line made famous by Mason and Dixon, who began their historic survey at “a post mark’d west,” a location that lies within the park.

Over 37 miles of trails lead explorers to historic sites and scenic vistas overlooking lush valleys and impressive rock outcrops. Hikers and mountain bikers enjoy the large number of easy-to-moderate trails throughout the park. Of special interest are those at Possum Hill and the Judge Morris Estate, along with the Pomeroy Rail-Trail, which runs alongside White Clay Creek.


Fenwick Island

Before the area became a park, the forces of nature constantly changed the narrow strip of barrier dunes between the Atlantic Ocean and Little Assawoman Bay, keeping the area wild and undeveloped. The area that is Fenwick Island State Park remained largely undisturbed as the towns of Bethany Beach and Fenwick Island were established. During World War II, this was part of Delaware's coastal defense system, and a concrete observation tower from that era still stands near the northern boundary of the park. The area was renamed Fenwick Island State Park in 1981.

trap pond.jpg


Trap Pond was once the site of a large freshwater wetland and still hosts the country's northernmost natural stand of baldcypress trees. The pond was created in the late 1700s to power a sawmill used in harvesting the baldcypress. The federal government purchased the pond and surrounding farmland during the 1930s, and the Civilian Conservation Corps began to develop the area for recreation. Trap Pond became one of Delaware's first state parks in 1951.



Brandywine Creek State Park is divided by grey stone walls that were built of local stone in the late 1800s, when the property was a dairy farm owned by the du Pont family. Three nature preserves are located within the park, including: Tulip Tree Woods, a majestic stand of 190-year-old tulip poplar, and Freshwater Marsh, the first nature preserve in Delaware. The area became a state park in 1965.

tulip tree.jpg

New Castle County

The 23.64-acre Tulip Tree Woods Nature Preserve is surrounded by a 3-foot high historic stone wall and contains an old growth Tulip tree rich woods plant community with spring ephemeral wildflowers (red trillium, white bloodroot).   American beech is the dominant understory, joined by flowering dogwood. This forest has been relatively undisturbed for over 200 years.


Quiet and dignified, charming and friendly, Lewes is perhaps the most beloved town in Delaware, and certainly a perennial favorite for travelers who savor quiet strolls on boutique-filled streets, or a relaxing meal by the water at one of the town’s excellent restaurants. Full of history and filled with unanticipated discoveries, its old homes and nautical heritage are not to be missed, and visitors would do well to explore its fascinating story before setting out. Sometimes seen as a place at the beach for people who want to escape “the beach,” Lewes’ bayside ambience manages to evoke the best attributes of Coastal Delaware, but still linger in the memory as a secluded and secret treasure that’s all your own.



Enjoy there or take a bottle (or two) home with you.



Nassau Valley Vineyards is the first and only award winning winery in the state of Delaware.
Founded in 1987, our vineyards were the first commercial wine vineyards to exist in the “First” state. Peg Raley and her father, Bob Raley founded the vineyards on a family farm site just outside of historic Lewes, Delaware.
Our vineyards are comprised of Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. We use other regionally grown fruit to produce the 14 wines in our product line. We purchase grapes and fruit from growers on the eastern shore and supplement with other regionally grown fruit.


The name “Harvest Ridge” was the original name of the farm and was retained for the winery. The first vines were planted in 2011 – Chardonnay, Viognier, Malbec, and Merlot. The winery opened to the public (as Delaware’s fourth winery) on November 1, 2013.
Harvest Ridge Winery’s property spans the border of two states – Delaware and Maryland. It is on the historic Mason-Dixon Line.IMG_1558 In fact, one of the most unique features of the property is the existence of one of the Mason-Dixon’s original witness stone and crown markers – number 47 – located on the property.


Warm and inviting. Elegant yet cozy. That’s the vibe you’ll get here in the Salted Vines Tasting Room. Every part of the decor was carefully considered and most of it was built or put in place by the owners or someone on the SV team, from the hand-poured concrete countertops to staining each piece of wood on the pallet wall. Warm lights glow from our cage pendants lights, fabulous chandelier, and VINO sign. During the chillier months, you can warm up and with a glass of wine by the stone fireplace. We hope you enjoy the atmosphere we have created here at Salted Vines and encourage you to make yourself at home.
Our Tasting Room is open daily for tastings. At any one time, we typically have anywhere from ten to fourteen different wines on our menu and our tastings include a sample of each! During your tasting, your wine tender will take you on a wine exploration of dry to sweet varieties of white, blush, and red wines, including some background on our winery and suggesting food pairings for our wines. As a keepsake, you get to take home one of our signature Salted Vines tasting glasses.


Pizzadili Vineyard and Winery was merely a dream that Salvatore Pizzadili had for his two sons, Tony and Pete Pizzadili. For many years, the brothers helped their father make wine, and they credit their current knowledge of winemaking to his guidance and experience.The Pizzadili Brothers - Pete and Tony
In 1993, Salvatore's dream became a reality when his two sons planted their first grapes. Since the first planting, Tony and Pete have continued to add more types of grapes and elaborated on their wine production.
Currently, Pizzadili Vineyard provides over 12 different grape varieties, which allowed Pizzadili Winery to produce a variety of wines. Tony and Pete have taken great pride in the fact that all the wines made at the Winery are made from grapes grown in their vineyard.
Pizzadili Winery's wines range from a sweet white dessert wine, "Delaware," to a dry red wine, "Brothers' Table Wine," the latter named after Tony and Pete, because it is their favorite wine. Visit the winery and choose your favorite wine!


On September 10, 2016, after almost two years of painstaking repairing and rehabilitation of an industrial building that for decades was used by a roofing company, we opened doors to the public.  A historic date marking Delaware’s first Meadery & Cidery.  According to local brewing historian, John Medkeff, it’s been approximately 130 years since mead was professionally produced in the state of Delaware (pre-prohibition).
We invite you to visit our tasting room and production facility located at 28 Brookside Drive, in southwest Wilmington – only 2.5 miles off I-95 and just off Maryland Avenue.  Experience locally sourced, whole fruit and spice, gluten free drinks that contain no artificial flavors or colors and source from the best quality resources we can find.  Come taste a special historic drink with a modern twist.  You will not “bee” disappointed!

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