The 29th state.

Capital: Des Moines

Motto: Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain.

Flower: Prairie rose

Bird: American Goldfinch


Better when you get it from the source

Sioux City

Come on in and enjoy a pint! We do serve small snacks for purchase or we do allow you to bring or order food to be delivered to 607 5th Street. Ask our server for food suggestions! 

Atlas Medstaff Reviews "Hell's Half Acre." HERE


Des Moines

Everyone who makes beer — whether a novice home brewer or seasoned professional — loves the fascinating combination of art and science involved in crafting beer they can be proud of. Although there are only four main ingredients in beer — water, yeast, malt and hops — the process of brewing offers virtually endless possibilities for creativity, discovery and enjoyment.
Confluence brewers tend to every quality-controlling detail in their art studio/science lab while imagining and trying new types of beer. Book a tour of our brewery or stop by and enjoy our taproom... and bring your ideas for better beer! We’re always happy to hear them.


Clark and BArbara Lewey founded Toppling Goliath Brewing Co. in 2009 in beautiful Decorah, Iowa after a runaway success in home brewing. In less than a decade TG has become world renown for IPAs and barrel aged stouts. We distribute in over 18 states and create more than 30 beers that rotate trhoughout the year.

Des Moines

After brewing, Madhouse sours go directly to oak barrels.  A spontaneous fermentation occurs with our house blend of yeast (including Brettanomyces) and lactobacillus.  The barrels are then blended and aged a minimum of 6 months up to several years.  Fruit/hop additions are made directly to the barrels before final blending and packaging.


Peace Tree Brewing Company is dedicated to brewing handcrafted, full-flavored beers with a great attention to quality.
Our brewery began in 2009 in a former Nash Rambler car dealership on Main Street in Knoxville, Iowa.
Brewing great beer is our passion, but we are also passionate about where we have come from and where we are going.
The names of our beers often have connections to the places in our past, especially derived from memories and places in our community and our state.


Millstream Brewery is Iowa’s Oldest operational brewery and is also one of the oldest operational breweries in the nation! We opened our doors in 1985. In 2016 we opened the Millstream Brau Haus, which is a German Bierhalle. We serve German inspired food, along with a large selection of our Millstream Beers.

Cedar Rapids

Lion Bridge Brewing offers artisan beer produced in small batches. We are always working to develop relationships with restaurants, caterers and other artisans in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Corridor in order to help foster a community that is constantly striving to be new and innovative. The end goal is to produce delicious, complex, and approachable beers with a focus on community and local collaboration.


At 515 Brewing Company is to delight your palate by providing exceptional, flavorful and fresh beer. And because we love beer, we're always trying new recipes. Expect a new combination of beers on tap, everytime you walk through our door. So stop in, pull up a chair and take your taste buds on a beer adventure.


Great River Brewery started in October of 2004 as a Brew Pub in Iowa City. In December of 2008 we moved our entire brewing operation to Davenport, Iowa with hopes of starting our lifelong dream of packaging our beers.
In February 2009 we brewed our first batch of beer in our new Location. Packaging started in May of 2010, with our 483 Pale Ale and Roller Dam Red Ale in 16 oz. cans. Great River Brewery's history is still being written each and every day


Since 2015, Pulpit Rock has honored the craft of brewing.
Built out of an old dairy facility and originally situated next to a laundromat, Pulpit Rock Brewing opened its bay doors during the summer of ‘15.  Founded by four Luther Alumni, fueled by two creative head-brewers and driven by a small taproom team, this modest brewery embraces the opportunity to produce and serve exciting and innovative beers.
With a rotating tap list that balances classic styles, unabashed hop-enthusiasm and adventurous flavor-infusions, we aim to provide our guests with a spectrum of tastes and experiences.


Enjoy Nature



Loess Hills State Forest (LHSF) is located in west-central Iowa in Harrison and Monona Counties. It is comprised of 4 units totaling 11,600 acres. The Little Sioux Unit, 3,825 acres, lies between the towns of Little Sioux and Pisgah. The Preparation Canyon Unit, 4,125 acres, is located north of the Town of Pisgah. This unit has a small lake with good fishing. An overlook, constructed in 1997 with REAP monies, provides visitors with a spectacular view of the forest, prairies, the Missouri River Bottomlands, and Nebraska.



Artifacts such as pottery, as well as tools and projectile points made of stone have been found in the caves and surrounding area. These discoveries tell us that the Maquoketa Caves area has been a popular spot for hundreds of years, perhaps thousands of years. Early recorded history tells of the Native Americans in the area, and that they were likely visitors to the Raccoon Creek valleys. From the discovery of the caves in the 1830's by settlers until the present, the park has been a place to view the special beauty that nature has to offer.
Beautiful milk white stalactites once hung from the ceilings and stalagmites rose from the floor. Souvenir hunters have robbed the caves of this rare beauty, but many formations remain.



Pikes Peak State Park is a hiker's delight with eleven and a half miles of trails. On its trails, hikers can explore beautiful wooded bluffs and valleys. Along the trails, hikers will see sheer walls of Decorah limestone, and fossil remains including brachiopods, gastropods and cephalopods. The trail goes past Bridal Veil Falls, a refreshing spring. The other trail leading to the Point Ann overlooks and the town of McGregor offers an invigorating hike with breathtaking views.



With a history older than the state it’s in Crystal Lake Cave has been Iowa’s hidden treasure from the start. From gem mining where kids can discover their own fossils and gemstones in our specialized gem mining area to a gift shop full of great souvenirs and something for every everyone there’s alway plenty to see when you visit us! Come and visit to see all that we have.

Spelunking, Mining, and More! With guided tours of well-lit passages of intricate formations through over three-quarters of a mile of cave tunnels there is alot to explore and many fascinations to see. You are invited to visit and witness the ongoing miracle that created this natural masterpiece of underground panorama.



The beauty of the canyons and bluffs of Ledges very quickly became a major attraction to the growing local communities. Ledges was proposed as a state park as early as 1914. The first park custodian, Carl Fritz Henning, was appointed in 1921. In 1924, the Ledges officially became one of Iowa's first state parks.
Park facilities constructed of native timber and field stone by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in the 1930's are still standing today. These examples of fine craftsmanship include an arch stone bridge, shelter in Oak Woods, stone trail steps and the stone shelter in lower Ledges.
Ledges has a long history of being flooded by the nearby Des Moines River. The major flood water levels have been recorded on a "flood pole" located in the lower area of the park.


Harpers Ferry

The mounds preserved here are considered sacred by many Americans, especially the Monument's 20 culturally associated American Indian tribes. A visit offers opportunities to contemplate the meanings of the mounds and the people who built them. The 200 plus American Indian mounds are located in one of the most picturesque sections of the Upper Mississippi River Valley.



Today, approximately 240,000 people visit the park each year and more than 1,200 events are held at the park.  A hike/bike/walk trail, following the original trolley line trail, from Shiras Avenue to the turnaround with the large eagle statue was completed in 2010. 
Eagle Point Park’s facilities include the Riverfront Pavilion, Shiras Memorial Pavilion, Log Cabin Pavilion, Terrace Room, Veranda Rooms, Indian Room, and the Bridge Complex.  Other amenities include the Spray Fountain, Rock Garden and Fish Pond, six tennis courts, horseshoe courts, and a band shell.

three mile.jpg

3 miles northwest of Afton

Three-Mile Lake offers acres of underwater structures for some of the best fish habitat in Iowa. Bring your own boat, use one of the 10 fishing jetties and explore nearly 24 miles of shoreline. Three Mile Lake has already built a reputation for providing excellent fishing for large mouth bass, walleye, catfish, crappie and bluegill. Three-Mile Lake is also developing into Iowa’s newest Muskie hot spot. 
The lower part of the lake is open to sailing, power boating and water skiing. No wake boating is permitted on the remainder of the lake. No Jet Ski’s or jet boats are allowed on the lake.


One mile North of Spirit Lake

The Dakota Sioux originated the name of "Spirit Lake" referring to it as "The Lake of The Spirit." In 1856, three brothers-in-law created the town of Spirit Lake after a visit to the Lakes area piqued their interest. The three brothers-in-law, O.C. Howe, B.F. Parmenter, and R.U. Wheelock, were soon joined by various other settlers, making homes along the lakes' shores. These settlers however, did not get along peacefully with the natives, and on March 13, 1857 Chief Inkpaduta of the Sioux led a revolt against the non-native settlers, killing all but four women.



Coralville Lake has three campgrounds with just over 500 campsites for your outdoor enjoyment that are managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers. The prices vary depending on the the type of campsite selected. Reservations are accepted six months from arrival date for single campsites. For group sites located at Sugar Bottom reservations can be made 12 months from arrival date.  The campgrounds are typically filled every weekend during the summer. Campgrounds are Dam Complex, Sandy Beach, Sugar Bottom. The Devonian Fossil Gorge is the star attraction. It was created by the Flood of 1993 and expanded by the Flood of 2008 when water topped the emergency spillway. The overflow washed away tons of soil, huge trees, and part of our road. When the waters receded the 375-million-year-old fossilized Devonian ocean floor was revealed. Visitors start their stroll back in time at the Entry Plaza, making their way down into the gorge to find thousands of fossils laid out at their feet!



Enjoy there or take a bottle (or two) home with you.



Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery is rooted right in the Corn Belt in Swisher, Iowa. Iowans understand the value of a hard day at the job, and that desire to unwind after it. From acres of Iowa grown grapes, to our unending bushels of corn straight from our fertile Midwestern soil, we put only the best into our wines and spirits – nothing else will do. Using nature as our ultimate guide, we age our whiskeys in a non-temperature controlled climate and allow for Mother Nature to guide the way.


Eagles Landing Winery is a small family business located in northeast Iowa
in downtown Marquette.  We are nestled in the breathtaking
​rolling hills along the Mississippi River next to the Great River Road. 
Conveniently  located 3 miles from Pikes Peak State Park,
3 miles from Effigy Mounts ​National Monument,
10 miles from Yellow River State Forest and
​15 miles from Wyalusing State Park in Wisconsin.  ​
​Our first grapes where planted in 1999 and have been
producing ​our own "Marquette Maid" branded wines since 2003.
Our wines can be found at over 135 locations in Iowa and Wisconsin.

Des Moines

The winery first operated in a renovated warehouse building near downtown Newton. This was a perfect location for the small winery, and a tasting room was added to allow visitors to come and sample the wines. Over the next several years, the winery grew and began to gain a reputation of producing excellent quality wines. They were fortunate to receive positive reviews in such publications as The New York Times and Wine Spectator.
In 2007, it became apparent that the winery operation had outgrown it’s Newton location and needed to expand into a larger building. The Groben family was intrigued by the recent resurgence in downtown Des Moines. Therefore, they located a property near Grays Lake and began construction on the new winery building in fall 2007. The Des Moines winery opened summer of 2008.

St. Charles

Over the years, the development of the tasting room came to include a large patio surrounded by amphitheater terraces for special events, weddings, class reunions and live musical performances.  
In 2016, Twisted Vine moved on to open their own tasting room in West Des Moines. Their smaller system went on to Big Rack Brew Haus just west of the winery. Madison County Winery continues to serve beers from both Twisted Vine and Big Rack Brew Haus as a perfect pairing to the beautiful vineyard and delicious wines on site.
The property now includes a tent pad area large enough to accommodate up to 200 guests for private events.

East Davenport

Welcome to Wide River Winery. We look forward to your visit at one of our three locations in Eastern Iowa along the Mississippi River - Clinton, Le Claire or the Village of East Davenport. Offering daily wine tastings in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.
Our Clinton location houses both the winery and original tasting room, as well as 7 acres of vineyards. It has a large partially covered deck with views of the Mississippi River at its’ widest point.
The Le Claire tasting room is cozy and comfortable, and also has a nice outdoor courtyard for your enjoyment. It is the place to be on Friday nights during the season, when we host live music by talented local musicians. Above the tasting room is a one bedroom inn, with a sprawling layout and enough room to sleep 4. It’s the perfect spot to explore all that Le Claire has to offer.

West Branch

Brick Arch is a uniquely elegant wine tasting space on West Branch, Iowa's historic Main Street. Taste the wine, then choose a glass or bottle to enjoy in one of the cozy corners anywhere on three levels (and three fireplaces to gather around) or outside on the deck facing Hoover Park. Live music indoor most Friday nights. Always check our website or Facebook page for the most recent updates for music and events.


We chose the name Fireside Winery because we value the special times and memories created around the fireside. “Fireside Chats” made so famous by FDR were also inspirational to us because of the intimate nature of the talks and how it brought our country together. At home some of the best memories we have are of family bonfires we made with our children. Along those same lines we wanted to recreate those extraordinary feelings at Fireside Winery and to share them with you.
When you visit Fireside Winery our wish is to provide you with exceptional service and delicious wines, but also to welcome you as a guest in our home. At Fireside you can relax with a glass of wine at one of our three fire pits on our lawn, cozy-up on our patio next to our fireplace, enjoy an appetizer, and listen to some of the best Midwestern live music on our outdoor stages.
We hope you build your own special memories at Fireside Winery with a glass of our wine while enjoying the warmth of the fire pit and scenic beauty of the setting sun.


Our production facility is located at 103 n Phillips St. in Algona, Iowa, across the street from our retail outlet in the historic Algona, Iowa, railroad depot. We produce all the wines we sell, utilizing grapes and juice sourced from our own vineyard, and from other farmers. Grapes are brought to the winery and destemmed, crushed and pressed. The resulting  juice, or “must”, is pumped into various vessels for fermentation. Once the finished wine is ready, it is bottled, labeled and moved to the depot for sale, or transported to one of our wholesale accounts for retail sale.

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