The 34th state.
Capital: Topeka
Motto: Ad Astra per Aspera" (Latin: "To the Stars through Difficulties"
Flower: Wild Sunflower
Bird: Western meadowlark


Better when you get it from the source



“Because without beer, things do not seem to go as well.”
In 1989, Free State Brewing Company became the first legal brewery in Kansas in over 100 years. Since opening the doors at our Mass Street HQ, we’ve been working day in and day out to be a haven for beer lovers, where good beer and good food can inspire lively conversations and memorable experiences.

Our 14-barrel brewhouse is made up of some of the best equipment available to the small brewer, but we still think the most important ingredients are the care and respect that our enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff has for each and every beer that we make. And now that we’re producing bottled beers in our expanded bottling facility, our attention to detail and dedication to great taste and quality can be experienced by people all over Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri.


Defiance Brewing Company is a soon to be up and running production craft brewery (not a restaurant/brewpub) located in Hays, KS. The brewery offers a wide variety of new and fresh beer that we have all been craving.


Our brews use Simple  ingredients paired with respect for the tradition and a sense of ingenuity -

 you're going to want another round.

Four months after opening its doors, Lb. Brewing Co. entered its first professional brewing competition, the renowned Great American Beer Festival (GABF), winning the first of nine GABF medals. In 2009 and 2010, Lb. Brewing Co. won back-to-back gold medals for the No. 50 Liberty Stout. Also in 2010, Lb. earned a Gold World Beer Cup Award for the No. 06 Oatmeal Stout. In 2013, the brewery and its brewer were named Small Brewpub and Small Brewpub Brewer of the Year at the GABF, the first Kansas brewery to receive this prestigious honor.

In 2013, Gella’s Diner expanded its offering to catering services. With an extensive and unique catering menu, Gella’s provides catering for weddings, business conferences, and countless other events in the area.


After a lot of hard work and many, many, many pints later Wichita Brewing Company opened their doors in the summer of 2011. The start was slow, with only five beers on tap. Eventually this would grow to seventeen beers on tap.
Success seemed to come naturally to the two home brewers. Wichitans rejoiced, and their thirst for craft beer kept growing. Eventually it was decided that Wichita needed to be able to get good beer on both sides of town. In 2015 the east side WBC was open for business, but this was not enough.
Eventually Wichita Brewing Company acquired an 18,000 square foot warehouse. The hopes were to continue brewing the same great beer, but they wanted to brew a lot more of it and they wanted to make sure a lot more people got the chance to enjoy it. This allowed WBC to can, keg, and distribute all throughout the state and on into Missouri, Oklahoma, and Wyoming.


The Blind Tiger Brewery & Restaurant is named for the Prohibition-era custom of illegal drinking establishments displaying stuffed tigers or china tigers to alert potential patrons to the availability of illicit alcohol after hours. In southern dialect a “tiger” was a roaring party. These “tigers” were “blind” because the authorities, at least officially, did not know they existed.

We offer a wide variety of Craft Beers.  We brew and serve six flagship beers which are on tap almost all the time, as well as a wide selection of seasonal and specialty beers.  From six to ten of those are on tap at any given time.  Four oz samples are available for $1.00, and a small taste is free so that you can choose your favorite.

El Dorado

If ever a story were published on how Walnut River Brewing Co. began, it might be titled, “How to start a brewery on Craigslist” or on more than one occasion we’ve called it, “This Old Brewery” as if we had Norm Abram working alongside us. Of the many items purchased locally on Craigslist we found our pallet racking, an 11 foot long stainless steel sink that had been used to feed cattle (we scrubbed it, don’t worry), and our 3 inch thick 9 foot long chunk of Kansas white oak sales counter that everyone signs when they visit. Our cash register is a used iPad and the holder is homemade of walnut from Greenwood County. Even the street signs that decorate the sales area are from Kansas. Rest assured, we did pay for them! Everything unapologetically screams “Kansas” when you step into the brewery. That passion we have for our home State also drives us to use quality ingredients in our brewing. Like many Kansans we work hard and expect quality, Walnut River Brewing Company is no different.


Located at 610 Merchant in beautiful downtown Emporia, KS, Radius Brewing Company is a full-service restaurant as well as the town’s first brewery since prohibition. The regular menu includes artisan-style appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and soups as well as wood-fired brick-oven pizzas. After 5pm the Chef’s Menu, which rotates weekly, is available. It typically features fresh seafood, steaks, pastas, and creative appetizers.  All of this is complemented with our own line of craft beers which are brewed right in the middle of the dining room. A full bar with wine, bloody mary, and martini lists is also available for those who prefer something other than beer.


Grinders High Noon, located in the heart of historic Leavenworth, serves up great food and drinks seven days a week. Check out our specialty New York-style pizzas, authentic Philly cheese steaks, homemade burgers, deli sandwiches, fresh salads, house-smoked specials and world famous Death Wings.
Wash it all down with one of our soon to be award winning craft beers or choose from one of the most eclectic beer lists in the county. Grinders High Noon, features live bands most weekends, one of the largest event spaces in the area, big screen TV's so you can watch your favorite NFL games all season.


Central Standard Brewing crafts a wide range of beers — some tried and true standards, while others are overtly unique. Our goal is to provide creative, flavorful, and interesting experiences not available at just any brewery. Utilizing the areas only oak fermentation vessels, our foeders and puncheons give us the ability create unique sours and wild ales, a specialty of CSB.


Enjoy Nature


Strong City

Where's the tall grass? Tallgrass prairie once covered 170 million acres of North America. Within a generation the vast majority was developed and plowed under. Today less than 4% remains, mostly here in the Kansas Flint Hills. The preserve protects a nationally significant remnant of the once vast tallgrass prairie and its cultural resources. Here the tallgrass prairie makes its last stand.

RockCityAerial EClark WEB.jpg


Rock City in Minneapolis, Kansas is a five acre park which contains about 200 huge Dakota sandstone concretions. The spheres are up to 27 feet in diameter and you are encouraged to climb on them and do pretty much whatever you want. Rock City claims that there is no place else in the world with so many huge concretions. 
Rock City is 3 1/2 miles south of Minneapolis off Highway 106. There is a small gift shop where Rock City, Inc., the local non-profit corporation that operates the park, collects a $3 fee. There is a bucket to leave money when the gift shop is closed.

4Corners Schuster.jpg

White Cloud

Four State Lookout is one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas Geography. It sits on a hilltop next to White Cloud, Kansas, a town of 176 people on the Missouri River, a couple of miles south of the Nebraska State Line. White Cloud is also known for its small monument to Wilbur Chapman who inspired the use of piggy banks to raise money for American Leprosy Missions.

PillsburyCrssng EldonClark WEB.jpg

Southeast of Manhattan

One of the best kept secrets in Kansas is the Deep Creek Waterfall at Pillsbury Crossing Wildlife Area, a few miles southeast of Manhattan, Kansas. Although the site gets a fair number of local partying teens, as well fishing, hiking, canoeing visitors in the summer, this beautiful 60 feet long, 5 feet high waterfall should get a lot more year around attention from travelers crossing Kansas. There is no place nicer than sitting on a rock near the base of Deep Creek Waterfall on a sunny Spring day.
Pillsbury Crossing is a low water river crossing where vehicles following Pillsbury Crossing Lane drive a 100' stretch through a few inches of running water. The Falls are just a few dozen feet down river from the crossing and can be reached from parking spots next to the east side of Pillsbury Crossing. Deep Creek Waterfall can also be reached from the north side where you must climb down about a 30' rock face. The climb isn't bad if you are careful, just enough to add a little adventure to the visit.


Hood River

Welcome to the Cimarron National Grassland, one of twenty National Grasslands administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service. Located within Morton and Stevens Counties in southwestern Kansas, the Cimarron National Grassland contains 108,175 acres.
In this state, it is the largest area of public land and the only parcel managed by the Forest Service.
Rock cliffs, cottonwood groves, grassy fields, yucca and sage brush are scattered throughout the land. Elevation ranges from 3,150 to 3,540 feet. Seasonal variety is provided by native grasses and riparian vegetation along the Cimarron River. The geology of the area is sandstone, shale, limestone, sand and gravel.



Monument Rocks and Chalk Pyramids are names for the same group of rock outcroppings, near US-83 in western Kansas. There are signs at the turn off (6 miles of gravel roads) from both north and south. Monument Rocks can be seen  in the distance from highway US-83 if you know where to look.
The 70 feet tall sedimentary formations of Niobrara Chalk were created by the erosion of a sea bed which formed during the Cretaceous Period. 80 million years ago, this land was the sea bed beneath the Western Interior Seaway which covered much of what is now North America. This limestone is quite soft and changes in the edges of the rock formations can be seen from year to year. Please be careful not to harm the rocks.


Osawatomie to Herington

Kansas boasts multiple long rail-trails, including the Prairie Spirit Trail, Landon Nature Trail, Blue River Trail, and Meadowlark Trail.  However, the most ambitious rail-trails project is the Flint Hills Nature Trail.  When completed, this section of rail-trail will be the seventh longest in the nation and will stretch 117 miles from Osawatomie to Herington.  Currently, the trail is not fully open but there are many sections that are ready to ride.


Logan County

Little Jerusalem provides a tremendous opportunity to connect people to the wonders of the prairie. It is a one-of-a-kind landscape in Kansas and the state’s largest Niobrara Chalk formation.
These chalk badlands provide unique and important habitat for ferruginous hawks, cliff swallows, Say’s phoebe and rock wrens, as well as many native amphibians and reptiles. Little Jerusalem is also home to the single largest population of Great Plains wild buckwheat, an endemic plant that is found in the chalk bluffs prairie of western Kansas and nowhere else in the world.
In addition to the modern wildlife, fossils of swimming and flying reptiles dating back 85 million years have been found here, though ancient clams and oysters are more common. We also believe Little Jerusalem, adjacent to the Conservancy’s 17,290-acre Smoky Valley Ranch, provides an opportunity to share our broader work in the high plains of western Kansas.



Kanopolis State Park started it all. The first Kansas state park has drawn visitors to eastern Ellsworth County since 1955. Situated in the rolling hills, bluffs and woods of the scenic Smoky Hills region of Kansas, Kanopolis is located 33 miles southwest of Salina.
The park features a full-service marina, beaches, picnic areas, and trails for horseback riding, mountain biking, and hiking. More than 200 primitive campsites and 119 utility sites are located through the 14 campgrounds in the Langley Point and Horsethief areas. Buffalo Track Nature Trail is an enthralling 1.5-mile route rich in native plants and wildlife, as well as Native American history.
Kanopolis offers 25 miles of trails, all of which start in the state park. The Rockin' K trails take visitors to and from the Rockin' K campgrounds. The Horsethief trails loop through canyons and trees. Farther north and west, the Prairie Trails traverse high prairie and Red Rock Canyon. The Alum Creek trails take visitors across vast prairie and through many water crossings. Be aware that it can take more than a day to complete some trails on foot.



Dense oak-hickory woodlands meet rolling meadows of big bluestem and Indian grass at this striking 857-acre park located west of Independence in Montgomery County. The 4,500- acre Elk City Reservoir and 12,000-acre Elk City Wildlife Area adjacent to the park offer outdoors lovers ample room to pursue their pastimes.
A nationally recognized trails system invites visitors to take a closer look at the rich variety of flora and fauna in and around Elk City State Park. The Green Thumb Nature Trail is a one-mile loop that begins in the state park campground, and rewards hikers with a panoramic vista of the lake, framed by ash and oak trees. Table Mound Hiking Trail and Post Oak Nature Trail are also park attractions. The Elk River Hiking Trail is a scenic 15-mile route that begins at the west edge of the dam and ends near the U. S. Highway 160 bridge on the Elk River. Parking is available at the Memorial Overlook or state park trailheads.
Campgrounds at Elk City offer an array of well shaded sites appealing to recreational vehicle or primitive campers. Conveniently located restrooms and showers, swimming beach, group shelter, fishing piers, and three lane boat ramp offer popular amenities for park visitors.
The expansive Elk City Wildlife Area adjacent to the park offers a rich array of wild inhabitants. White-tailed deer, wild turkey, bobwhite quail, cottontail, fox and gray squirrels, and prairie chickens can be found here. Common furbearers include beaver, raccoon, bobcat, coyote, gray fox, opossum, mink and muskrat.


Far south, central & west Kansas

The Gypsum Hills (also known as the Gyp Hills, Red Hills & Medicine Hills) are a region of rolling hills, mesas, canyons and buttes in central Kansas, just north of the Oklahoma border. The area has many red cedar trees and the ground contains iron oxide or rust, hence one of the area's other names, the Red Hills. 
The area was Medicine Hills to the Native Americans, and the stream that passes through the area and near the community of Medicine Lodge is the Medicine River. But wait, the area has also been called Cimarron Breaks.
Much of the most interesting scenery is along dirt roads on the open range. But, if you are unwilling to leave the paved highways, you may still enjoy the drive and views along US Highway 160 between Coldwater and Medicine Lodge, and south along US Highway 281. The state of Kansas has designated the 42 mile route, from Coldwater to Medicine Lodge, the Gypsum Hills Scenic Byway. The biggest disadvantage of viewing the Gypsum Hills along the Byway is there is no shoulder and few places to pull over to take photographs or enjoy the view.



Enjoy there or take a bottle (or two) home with you.



Dry. Sweet. Red. White. Rose. We've got a little something for everyone! And with shipping to 37 states, Grace Hill Wines are never far away. Click on the wines you'd like, add them to your cart, and within four days you'll have Grace Hill Wines delivered right to your doorstep. If you just can't wait that long and need your wine now, click here for a list of liquor stores and restaurants where you can find Grace Hill Wines today! Cheers!


Smoky Hill Vineyards & Winery originated in 1991 when the founders, Steve Jennings and Kay Bloom, hand-planted the first plants on one acre in Salina, KS. By 2009, the family-owned business had become the largest grape producing farm winery in the state of Kansas. 
The new Smoky Hill Vineyards & Winery came about when the second generation, Norm and Jen Jennings, contacted fellow wine-enthusiast and vineyard owner, George Plante, to see if he would be interested in taking over the beloved business so they could pursue their passion in ministries.  Having fallen in love with wine since first tasting River Valley Red, George knew this was an opportunity he could not pass up - to further embark on his passion of wine-making.  George has owned and operated his own vineyard, White Cross Vineyard in Lindsborg, Kansas since 2004.  Ironically, Brock Ebert, George's son-in-law, has always had an interest in wine-making and worked at Fields Winery in Paxico, Kansas, as a teenager.  The Jennings passed on the well established craft to the new family artisans in November of 2012.  The new Smoky Hill Vineyards & Winery currently farms eight acres at the privately owned Smoky Hill Vineyard and three acres at the White Cross Vineyard.


After over 30 years of working traditional occupations, we decided to try something new! Take a moment to unwind, relax and share our dream with us.
Crooked Post Winery at Lake Perry is a unique Kansas Winery inspired by Italian architecture and style of wine. The Vineyard has 3,700 vines and the Winery has 1,500 vines.

Our wine is made true to the flavor of the grape it comes from, crafted by hand, and not manipulated to taste like any other wine.

We use our own grown French-American hybrid grapes that are suitable for the Kansas climate in all our wines. We do not spray for insects and use as little as possible any chemical compound both in the wine making and grape growing process.


Liquid Art Winery was founded in 2014 by Kansas natives Dave & Danielle Tegtmeier. It is comprised of a 20-acre Estate vineyard, tasting room, full-production winery, and event center. The Estate is perched on top of an ancient mountain range in an area of the Midwest known as "The Flint Hills." The terroir of the area replicates the soil profile and terrain of some of the most prominent grape-growing regions in the world, allowing us to craft premium wine with old-world grape varietals using sustainable viticulture.


Shiloh Vineyard is a small family-owned winery founded in 2008 by Kirk & Treva Johnston in a quest to bring wine-making to the plains of Western Kansas.

We serve only premium wine made from our very own fruit and we promise excellent quality to each customer. Experience the taste of Dry Whites, Dry Reds, Semi-Sweet White, Fruit and Desert Wines from our collection. Join us for a wine tasting and informative tour of the vineyard.  

Kansas City

Rowe Ridge Vineyard & Winery, the first vineyard in Wyandotte County, KS, is just north of the Kansas Speedway, Sporting Kansas City Stadium, and the legends shopping area. Located one mile west of I-435 on Leavenworth Road, the vineyard and winery are easy to find. Owners Marc and Pamela Rowe planted the first vines in 2005. The vineyard is now five acres with approximately 3000 vines. We grow 9 varieties of hybrid and American native grapes.  Originally locate in a rural area, the popularity and development of the area has surrounded the vineyard and winery with homes.


Middle Creek Winery is a small, rural vineyard with the winery in our former horse barn, and our tasting room at the historic New Lancaster General Store, established in 1874. We handcraft our artisan Kansas wines, producing several award winners!


An on-site winery inspired by L. Frank Baum's 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.'
We hand-craft our wines and offer a wide variety of red, white, blush, dessert, and have recently ventured into sparkling wines. We make serious wines for not-so-serious people!


White Tail Run Winery, LLC was started in 2003 by Dan Fuller with the help of his wife Nancy,  son Dusty, daughter-in-law Jennifer and daughter Christy.  Dan had just retired and decided to grow grapes to keep him busy in his retirement.  After growing grapes for a couple of years Dan decided to try his hand at winemaking.  The first wine he made was from the Seyval grape.  He entered the wine into a competition for amateurs and won a bronze.  After the success of that first wine competition he started to make plans with his family to start the winery and vineyard full time.  We now have 5 acres of vines with 4 different varieties of grapes.

Pawnee Rock

There is only one winery in the nation that is devoted to providing employment opportunities to people with developmental disabilities. That one special place is Rosewood Winery, located in central Kansas.
We’re nestled into the Rosewood Ranch, located in the heart of America, 9 miles west of Great Bend, KS. The Ranch is home to a nationally acclaimed therapeutic horse-riding program and to world-champion horses, for which our wines are named.
Rosewood Ranch and the Winery offer unique opportunities to persons with developmental disabilities. Founded by Tammy Hammond, Rosewood Services began in 1998 as a way to help people with disabilities to CELEBRATE LIFE!

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