The 7th state.
Capital: Annapolis
Motto: Fatti maschii, parole femine meaning Strong deeds, gentle words
Flower: Black-eyed Susan
Bird: Baltimore oriole


Better when you get it from the source


Beer is the union of water, barley, hops and yeast. A brewery is the union of beer, its brewers and the community it serves. Beer Unites! is not just a tagline, its the underlying philosophy of everything we believe in as a business. Good beer brings good people together for good times—and good works.
Situated along the Jones Falls river, in the historic Woodberry neighborhood of Baltimore, the Union Craft Brewery makes great beer and great company. With reverence for tradition and place, we brew beers that unite old and new ideas, the science and craft of brewing, and boldness and balance of flavor. Founded in the fall of 2011 by Kevin Blodger, Adam Benesch and Jon Zerivitz, brewing operations officially began in the spring of 2012 with the installation of a 20 barrel brewhouse and the initial launch of Duckpin Pale Ale.


What makes Stillwater ‘Artisanal’ though? Many craft products these days use similar terminology, but for Stillwater, here is where the story runs deep. As brewing took the place of Brian’s musical career, the need for a creative release was only partially met. In fact, Brian considers Stillwater to be more of an art project/collective where collaborations with other like-minded visionaries leads to boundary pushing concepts and creations. BeerAdvocate Magazine once stated “Stillwater is a vehicle for unconventional thinking” - a statement Brian proves true with the constant evolution of the brand. Those first years of Stillwater Artisanal are defined by these concepts and they continue to resonate as the core of the collective..


Based in Cambridge, MD on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, local boys brewing local beers.
We built our brewery in an 80-year-old former pool hall and bowling alley with the goal of maintaining the building’s history while producing well-balanced American brews 10 barrels at a time. Proudly brewing since the summer of 2013 with no intentions of slowing down, striving to continuously produce products that our community can take pride in.
-Drink Fresh

St Frederick

It all started seven years ago with a love for great beer and the idea to brew high quality craft beer on our own terms. Led by Brewmaster Tom Flores with a talented team of brewers, our brewing process always starts with the choice of high quality ingredients, which often include locally grown and malted brewing grains. With nearly 50 years of combined brewing experience, many years of formal education, internationally recognized credentials, and our adventurous spirit, we allow our creativity and passion to guide our technical expertise to ensure that every batch we brew is the best it can be. We embrace brewing as an artform to produce a delicious and diverse beer portfolio that appeals to all kinds of beer drinkers.
We strive every day to inspire and support a community of loyal beer lovers through our relentless passion for making great beer. We love what we do. We love being part of the Frederick community. And we love seeing old friends and new faces at our brewery.


Live on the BBC, Ralph scrawled those four simple words across his canvas and our mantra was born. We embrace the weirrrd and view craft beer as an art form unlike any other. 

We live in a world where people are coddled, messages are muddled and ideas are squashed in the name of political correctness. When the Thought Police closed in on us, we went to Federal court to defend our right to free speech and expression. 


Beer takes us on adventures. It allows us to discover new flavors and cultures.
Our quest for great beer can lead anywhere, from corner pubs to faraway breweries. For Heavy Seas founder, Hugh Sisson, beer altered the trajectory of his life. In 1980, intending to become a stage actor and director, Hugh's plan was to move to NYC after completing his course work for a masters degree in theater. Hugh's father, Albert, a Baltimore area businessman, persuaded him instead to come "help" at a newly opened family business, a tavern called Sisson's. When Hugh showed up to start what he assumed would be a short-term position, his father tossed him the keys to the pub, said "OK, don't f*** up!" and walked out the door.


ur story starts as a tale of two brothers, Tom with his passion for craft beer, and John with his passion for food. But it goes well beyond that. It involves you and your friends. Backyard barbeques and amazing meals. And beers you won’t ever want to forget.
Our top-rated beers are perfectly crafted to complement great food. Whether it’s the food we serve at our restaurants or the foods you make at home. It’s the constant evolution to create the perfect pairings for you to enjoy. Ever-better beer for ever-better food. An excellent recipe for ever-better times.


We consider the art of beer making sacred. With more than 30 distinguished microbrews, ranging from Double IPAs to Barley Wines to Sours and beyond, we deliver on what we promise. If the label says Double IPA, then a Double IPA is what you’re drinking – and a damn good one, too!
We’ve come a long way since our start in 1996, and firmly believe got here by respecting each and every beer we make. And when you care about making really good beer, when you stay focused on what really matters, people respond. You can try (and re-try) our beers in 19 states in the Northeast, Southeast and Midwest. Enjoy!
Craft Be Cherished. Rules Be Damned.


Hi there! We have been hard at work building this brewery keeping in mind sustainable practices and using local materials and craftsmen. We love our town of Berlin, Maryland and hope you join us in our taproom for a couple of pints and growlers. Our goal is to produce distinctive beers whose quality is unsurpassed using new and traditional brewing methods.



Enjoy Nature



NPS helps you learn about and enjoy the Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in North America. 
Here, you can visit major league cities, colonial towns, American Indian landscapes, farms and fishing villages. You can learn to kayak, pick crabs, go fishing, tour a lighthouse, slurp oysters, and slow down to enjoy the natural beauty of the Chesapeake.



This mountain park is located nine miles north of Oakland, Maryland and contains some of Maryland's most breathtaking scenery. The Youghiogheny River flows along the park's borders, passing through shaded rocky gorges and creating rippling rapids. Muddy Creek Falls is a crashing 53-foot waterfall – a spectacular sight. Tall hemlocks dominate the silent woods. The 1 1/4 mile trail through Swallow Falls guides hikers to some of the most breath-taking scenery in Western Maryland.



Located on River Road in Western Montgomery County, McKee-Beshers WMA is a 2,000-acre tract in a mixture of woodlands, fields, wooded bottomland and managed wetland impoundments (green-tree reservoirs). The WMA shares a common boundary with the National Park Service Chesapeake and Ohio Canal to the south and borders Seneca Creek State Park, a 1,200-acre public hunting area, on the east.



This natural phenomenon has more formations per square foot than any cave known to man. It is also the most naturally kept cave in the world. You are going to see this piece as it was developed back in the 1920's. Our tour guides will answer your educational, technical, historical and geological questions.
After the tour, we try hard to have an additional question and answer period to answer any questions that our guides did not know the answer to, or additional questions thought of after the fact. Every good question makes us a little sharper. No one on earth knows it all, but it sure is fun to talk caves all day! 
And don't forget - its 54 degrees in the caves all year round, so it's cool in the summer, and warm in the winter!



The massive cliffs, from which Calvert Cliffs State Park was named, dominate the shoreline of the Chesapeake Bay for roughly 24 miles in Calvert County. They were formed over 10 to 20 million years ago when all of Southern Maryland was covered by a warm, shallow sea. When the sea receded the cliffs were exposed and began eroding. Today these cliffs reveal the remains of prehistoric species Including sharks, whales, rays, and seabirds that were the size of small airplanes. Calvert Cliffs State Park is a day-use park featuring a sandy beach, unique fossils, an accessible recycled tire playground, fishing, a freshwater and tidal marshland and 13 miles of hiking trails.



Established in 1959 to protect the Gunpowder River and the Big and Little Gunpowder Falls, Gunpowder Falls State Park is now one of Maryland’s largest state parks. Covering over 18,000 acres in Harford and Baltimore Counties, Gunpowder’s narrow corridors host a varied topography ranging from tidal wetlands to steep and rugged slopes. Gunpowder features more than 120 miles of multi-use trails, protected state Wildlands, historic sites, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, a swimming beach and a marina.



Want to live on the edge? Visit a place recreated each day by ocean wind and waves. Life on Assateague Island has adapted to an existence on the move. Explore sandy beaches, salt marshes, maritime forests and coastal bays. Rest, relax, recreate and enjoy some time on the edge of the continent.



Carved in the quiet mountains of western Maryland, Deep Creek Lake is a unique four-season destination. The mountain climate gives our area four distinct seasons, with plenty of adventure and action for each. Summer days are filled with sunshine and shimmering water as boats and other water-goers glide through the waters. Winter coats the landscape with a brilliant white blanket, providing amazing skiing conditions for Wisp Resort. Explore some of the several state parks in our area, like the beach area on the lake, or gazing at the tallest free-falling waterfall in Maryland. Leave your worries behind you, cross into the mountains, and experience Deep Creek Lake!


Ellicott City

Patapsco Valley State Park extends along 32 miles of the Patapsco River, encompassing 16,043 acres and eight developed recreational areas. Recreational opportunities include hiking, fishing, camping, canoeing, horseback and mountain bike trails, as well as picnicking for individuals or large groups in the park’s many popular pavilions. The park is nationally known for its trail opportunities and scenery. We have over 200 miles of trails, with 70 of those miles identified as maintained trails. There are hiker only trails and multi-use trails accessible from many areas of Patapsco.



Located near Crisfield on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Janes Island State Park offers visitors a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty and bounty of the Chesapeake Bay. Within the mainland portion of the park are the campground, rental cabins and conference center, picnic areas and pavilions, and the boat ramp and marina. The island portion of the park – Janes Island – includes over 2,900 acres of saltmarsh, over 30 miles of water trails, and miles of isolated pristine beaches. Although people have harvested the resources of the island for thousands of years, today the island is wild and seemingly untouched. A haven for birds, fish, crabs, and other saltmarsh dwellers, Janes Island provides visitors a tranquil setting to explore the wildlife of the Bay while enjoying the expansive vistas and stunningly beautiful sunsets. Whether fishing or crabbing, motor boating or paddling, or simply relaxing, visitors to Janes Island will experience a world still ruled by the weather, the tides, and the wildlife that first drew people to this very special place. The park offers accessible restrooms, and four accessible campsites. The Park Store and Nature Center, picnic pavilions and recreation area, fish cleaning station, and dock area are also accessible.



Enjoy there or take a bottle (or two) home with you.


Mount Airy

In 2006, we finally had our first harvest,  and it was with a combination of terror and glee that we set about making wine from our own grapes for the first time.  The 2006 wines rested in barrels until they were ready for bottling in early 2008.  It was definitely a thrill to see those first few bottles rolling off the bottling line!
We let the wines settle in bottle for a few months while we completed construction of our tasting room and opened for business in October 2008.


Like many Italian immigrants, Bertero Basignani’s grandparents, Annunziata and Scandiano Bechini, brought the practice of home winemaking with them from Italy.
Following in their footsteps, Bert aspired to carry on the family tradition. In 1972, while still a student at Towson State University, Bert bought 10 acres of farmland in Butler, Maryland. In the back of his mind he envisioned someday planting a vineyard to make his own wine.
In November of 1986, after winning many amateur winemaking judgings, and at the urging of friends who had sampled and approved of their wine, Bert and Lynne decided to make the plunge and started Basignani Winery.

Today, they make 6500 gallons of wine a year, and have received many accolades from wine critics and faithful customers as well.

Baltimore City

Treat yourself to an afternoon in the country
with a visit to Boordy’s winecellar for a guided WINETASTING and a tour of our historic stone barn, state of the art winery, and prized vineyards. No matter the season, there’s always a place to sit and sip with friends: in the rustic 19th century Boordy Barn, outdoors on the patio around the fiery cauldron, or in our shaded picnic grounds by the vineyards.

If you are looking for a lively slice of life, Boordy offers EVENTS all year round. From open air festivals in the spring and fall, big band music for dancing all summer and winetasting in our rustic barn all winter there are many ways to enjoy wine with friends.

Mt. Airy

In 1972, amidst rolling hills, dairy cows, and corn fields, a small vineyard was planted in the fertile soils of an old dairy farm. That one small vineyard has proudly become Linganore Winecellars. Now operated by the sons of the founders, we welcome you to share in our growing family tradition. Linganore Winecellars cordially invites you to partake in an enjoyable and relaxed afternoon tasting our award winning wines produced by our fertile soils, abundant sunshine and skilled winemakers.


After many trials and tribulations, in 1986 we became Maryland’s 12th bonded winery opening for business with an initial production of 1500 gallons of wine.  The wine consisted of 3 brands; 2 non-varietal wines called, Vino Bianco and Vino Rosso (White Wine and Red Wine) and one varietal wine called Dutchess made from some of the original 150 vines.  All three were acidic and bone dry, but interestingly enough, there was (and still is today) a market for folks that like, you guessed it, acidic bone-dry wines. As wine sales increased so did our estate grown grapes with an expansion of the vineyard to include the varietals Chanclor and Chambourcin. The Vidal Blanc, Chambourcin and The Blush of Bel Air brands followed soon after incorporating a new label design with elements still in use today.

Clear Spring

Making the best use of the land has been a goal of the Seibert Family. While the house at Knob Hall has been added onto several times, it still stands as a testament to this philosophy.
The barn which will house our tasting room and event space was originally built around 1860, utilizing wood and stone from the property, is another example of solid construction built to persevere through time.

It only took 200 years to plant a vineyard at Knob Hall. Approximately 30 acres of vines have been planted along the gentle slopes of limestone-rich soil. The planted varietals have been carefully chosen to reflect the “terroir” of this land and include Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chambourcin, Malbec, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Albarino, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Traminette, Vidal Blanc and Viognier.

Our winery production building, a new structure, will be state-of-the-art and feature a gravity-fed system which will capture the essence of high quality grapes from our vineyards and under watchful eyes turn it into premium quality wine.

Knob Hall is an estate winery, producing high quality wines from grapes harvested from our vineyards, maintaining a tradition of sustainable agriculture.

Benton City

Elk Run Vineyards is nestled in the rolling hills of Frederick County surrounded by dairy and horse farms and fields of wheat and corn. The name “Elk Run” was chosen for a stream. The deed name to the property is the “Resurvey of Cold Friday.” It was a land grant from the King of England to Lord Baltimore. The winemaker’s home is circa 1756. Since 1983 Fred and Carol Wilson and Neill Bassford, along with associates, family and friends, have made Elk Run a shining star among American wine producers. Using new world research and technology while maintaining the traditions and values of old world practices, Elk Run’s focus is on producing high quality wine from high quality grapes. Soils of schist and shale allow for deep roots and good drainage. Seven to eight hundred foot elevations help keep the vineyard safe from frost danger. Warm days and cool nights preserve the fruity character in the wines.Practicing sustainable agriculture, close spacing and great attention to crop levels allow the wine maker to create wines of varietal character, structure, balance and good color.


Located in Northern Calvert County, beautiful Friday's Creek Winery is the perfect spot for your special event.
Friday's Creek is home to picturesque vineyards, a variety of delicious wines, elegant décor and local art displays.
A rustic barn where tobacco once hung has been fully restored to house a tasting room and gallery, as well as wine storage, aging and production rooms.


Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard has been embraced by wine enthusiasts since it opened in 2006 for its award-winning vintages that reflect precision and passion in the science and art of winemaking. Grown amid the unique microclimate at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain, the winery’s 22 acres of vines are French vinifera clones grafted on American rootstock and were carefully selected by world-renowned viticulturist Lucie Morton.  We currently grow five white varieties and five red varieties.
These vines produce grapes that we hand-pick, cold-soak, cold-ferment and age in stainless steel or French oak barrels to produce our Bordeaux-inspired reds and crisp whites that continue to be recognized for their uniquely creative flavors and memorable finishes.

Prince Frederick

A little bit of Tuscany and Napa in Southern Maryland
Only a short drive from Washington DC is Running Hare Vineyard, a little bit of Tuscany and Napa in Southern Maryland. We have live music on select weekends in our Outdoor Tasting area.  You are invited to bring a picnic lunch and make a day of it!

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