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As a national provider of a comprehensive suite of services, we have been making a difference in the lives of our employees, caregivers and patients for 30 years offering:

Home healthcare, behavioral care, healthcare staffing, and personal care giving. 
Our commitment to customer service, compassionate patient care, and staffing experienced healthcare professionals has made us an established resource in the healthcare industry.

Recommended Recruiters

Josh Voetberg

National Recruitment Manager

Phone: 210-780-4549

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I started my tenure with Maxim in early 2015 as a recruiter for home health/private duty nursing in the greater Grand Rapids, MI area. After wanting to expand my reach, I decided to join the travel nursing team based in Tampa, FL. This opened up the opportunity to move again to San Antonio, TX to be a part of a new hub focused on travel based in TX. My journey has come full circle then with my return to the Grand Rapids area in January 2019.


I like to think that my journey with Maxim imitates the journey of many travel nurses. I love to travel, and working for Maxim has afforded me that opportunity. I plan to continue taking every opportunity that gets me moving around. And at a minimum I get to at least live vicariously through the travelers who work with me!


When I’m not traveling, I enjoy spending time with family doing any kind of outdoor activity – from boating and fishing in the summer to snowboarding or snowmobiling in the winter, outside is where I feel most happy. Unless it’s a Sunday, then I enjoy watching our beloved Detroit Lions blow leads at halftime to find a new way to lose each week.


I hope anyone who is interested in travel nursing will feel comfortable reaching out to me. I have worked with nurses who have no knowledge of the industry, all the way up to nurses with 20+ years of travel experience. Let’s work together to find the perfect position for you!

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