The 24th state.
Capital: Jefferson City
Motto: Let the welfare of the people be the supreme law.
Flower: Crataegus punctata
Bird: Eastern bluebird


Better when you get it from the source


Kansas City

Founded in 1989, Boulevard Brewing Company has grown to become the largest specialty brewer in the Midwest. Our mission is simple: to produce fresh, flavorful beers using the finest ingredients and the best of both old and new brewing techniques. Click the link to learn what drove Boulevard founder John McDonald, and how we got where we are today.

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St Louis

Our philosophy is to brew beer with the adventurous craft beer drinker in mind—focusing on hand-crafted, small batches of beer, using local, seasonal and organic ingredients as much as possible.
Our beers are influenced mostly by Belgian and American craft styles, but the addition of premium ingredients such as fruits, spices or wild yeast strains sometimes causes the beers to defy traditional categories. Our barrel aging program features a wide variety of beers aged in wine and spirits barrels, ranging from a Rye barrel-aged Mexican Chocolate Stout to a wild yeast-fermented Saison aged on Missouri wine grapes in French oak wine barrels. We strive to always achieve balance with each of our recipes, making our beers exceptional with food.


 What began as a dream and a side project has now grown into our 100% barrel-aged brewery. Passion, experimentation and patience drive the creation of our rustic Saisons, Wild Ales and Spirit Barrel-Aged Ales. As we share our craft with you, we hope you share it with your friends as well.

St. Louis

Whether rolling off the lines at Bottleworks or aging deep below the Tap Room floor, every beer we pour, package or raise is made by hand and with heart.

Our brewers curate over 60 unique styles, utilizing 102 hop varietals, 77 malts and grains, 59 different spices and fruits and 10 separate yeast strains from all over the planet.

100% renewable energy drives our entire operation. Solar energy produces 32,000+ kilowatt hours per year from the 105 photovoltaic rooftop solar panels.
Environmental stewardship influences each decision we make. Buyers know farmers by name. And livestock seem to appreciate the spent grains that find their way into troughs around the region.
Our brewpubs divert 74 tons of organic food waste from landfills by composting, produce 4 tons of fresh food from our urban garden each year and has been a dedicated 5-star original member of The St. Louis Dining Alliance.


Mother's Brewing Company brews beer the only way we know how: with a mother's love. A love that begins on the Springfield Street we walk between pubs. A love found in centuries of brewing tradition. A love in mastering and then reinventing those traditions. A love felt in every palm-searing high five delivered across the bar. In laughter over a shared six-pack. In a meal elevated by a perfectly paired beer. In the hair of the dog the morning after. From our brew house to your backyard., we infuse everything that we are into every drop of your beer. We believe in love. We brew love. In downtown Springfield.


Narrow Gauge Brewing Company is a microbrewery/brewpub that opened in June of 2016 and is located in Florissant, MO. We have a passion for hops so many of our beers are IPAs and Pale Ales.

St. Louis

Once upon a time, Steve received a brew kit for Christmas.
Using a careful combination of science and cunning, he created a brew that had family saying “This isn’t bad” and “Is it supposed to taste like that?” Steve continued to science the hell out of his beer in his free time, mixing flavors and aromas like it was his job… until it was.
Yes, Steve’s second shift as a brewmaster transformed into a career that’s kept him, his wife Libby and the whole 2nd Shift Brewing team busy for the last several years crafting the kind of beers that make your liver beg for mercy. You can find us at our new location at 1601 Sublette Ave. on The Hill. We’d love to have a beer with you so come visit us!

Ste. Genevieve

Crown Valley Brewing and Distilling Company features handcrafted beer, vodka, gin, and Missouri Moonshine made exclusively at this Crown County location. Hot pub food is available for purchase, including pizza, nachos, pretzels and more. This unique facility has a 73' rustic wooden bar, sitting area to enjoy freshly brewed beverages, as well as an outdoor beer garden. Take a tour of the facility to learn about the brewing and distilling process, along with history of the Coffman area.


We are focusing our efforts on those wild and vibrant beers you all love so much. We want to bring you dry and rustic ales like those of Wallonia and the Senne Valley, fermented with your favorite little beasts in wood and steel after the style of the old country. In order to produce such wild and sour beers we will be harvesting yeast and propagating it in our in-house laboratory. We take traditional methods seriously, but we also have a few ideas of our own.

Crane Brewing Company is an American brewery inspired equally by both the bold craft beers of home and the rustic ales of Europe. We hope to fulfill the desire of our local metro for these exotic beers, and we hope beer lovers from near and far join us in Raytown, MO for a taste sometime. We strive to build on this grand tradition that never stays the same for too long.

Crane Brewing, Tradition Evolving.

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St. Louis

4 Hands Brewing Co. was founded in 2011 in the LaSalle Park neighborhood near downtown St. Louis, MO. We offer seven year-round offerings along with a vast variety of seasonal beers. All beer is brewed on a 30 barrel brewing system within our 20,000 square foot facility with a portion of that space dedicated to barrel aging. 4 Hands is one of the top growth brands in the nation with all core and seasonal brands ranking the top in their class locally via IRI. Want to try our brews for yourself? Come hang out at our Taproom today!

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Enjoy Nature



The elephant-shaped boulders at Elephant Rocks State Park may not be the stars of a circus, but these giant granite boulders are the stars of this unusual park in southeast Missouri.
The elephant rocks, which were formed from 1.5 billion year old granite, are giant boulders that stand end-to-end like a train of circus elephants. The rocks have created formations that intrigue geologists, are popular with history buffs interested in the past quarrying, and fascinate children who love to climb on and between the boulders. 
An easy way to see the rocks is from the Braille Trail, which was especially designed for people with visual and physical disabilities. The trail winds through the main area of rocks. An extension off the trail leads back to the ruins of an old railroad engine house, a remnant of the area’s quarrying and railroad history.


Kimberling City

Come and enjoy the beauty and crystal clear water of Table Rock Lake! If you 're searching for a quality family vacation experience or just a
great day at the lake, Stone County, MO has it. With nearly 500 miles of shoreline in Stone County, you're sure to find just what you're looking for.
You can stay in a lakefront resort,hotel or campground and be only minutes from all that Branson and Silver Dollar City has to offer.
Rent a boat or bring yours; go fishing, skiing, paddleboarding, or just soak in the beautiful lake scenery.
Come visit Table Rock Lake!



With its intriguing history and outstanding geologic features, Ha Ha Tonka State Park is one state park that should not be missed. The park is a geologic wonderland featuring sinkholes, caves, a huge natural bridge, sheer bluffs and Missouri’s 12th largest spring. The ruins of a turn-of-the-century stone castle overlook these wonders and offer impressive views of the Lake of the Ozarks and Ha Ha Tonka Spring.
A series of trails and boardwalks makes it easy for visitors to experience all the park has to offer, from its historic castle and geologic wonders to its wooded areas and open rocky glades. Picnic sites beckon visitors for a relaxing lunch in a scenic setting unparalleled in the lake area. All these fascinating elements combine to create a park that can be explored and enjoyed time after time.



Fantastic Caverns, America’s Ride-Thru Cave, lies beneath the rolling Ozarks hills just north of Springfield, Missouri. Approximately five miles off Historic Route 66 and about an hour north of Branson, Missouri, this North American cavern offers a completely ride-through cave experience. Propane-powered Jeep-drawn trams tour the path left behind by an ancient underground river. During the 55-minute all-riding cave tour, trams drive along a one-mile tour route providing guests an up-close look at beautiful cave formations, like giant columns stretching from floor to ceiling, delicate soda straws glistening with minerals and tiny cave pearls hidden in crystal-clear water. No walking is necessary and trams are equipped with pull-out ramps to accommodate wheelchairs, making the tour convenient for everyone, especially older visitors, parents with small children and individuals with physical limitations. Fantastic Caverns is an all-weather natural cave attraction open year ‘round, with the temperature inside Fantastic Caverns hovering at around 60 degrees F (15 degree C) all the time.


Marvel Cave, a Registered Natural Landmark, opened for tours in 1894. The cave, which lies beneath Silver Dollar City theme park, was the first attraction to bring tourists to the Branson area. One of the deepest caves in Missouri, it has one of the largest subterranean entry-rooms in the United States. Traditional guided cave tours are included with standard admission to Silver Dollar City.
Cave tours depart approximately every half-hour; they last about one hour. Because of the strenuous nature of the tour, which includes nearly 600 stairs and some stooping, it is not recommend for visitors with heart or lung conditions, bad backs, weak knees or bad ankles.


Bonne Terre

This unique adventure, can be your "Dive to the Center of the Earth". Bonne Terre Mine, a national historic site, is the world's largest fresh water dive resort. Water conditions remain constant with over 100 foot visibility, Sights include: mammoth architecture, guaranteed year round diving conditions. Cal falls, oar carts, scaffolding, grating, staircases, pillars, slurry pipes, the famed elevator shaft, and much more. Bonne Terre Mine is without a doubt one of the most unusual, beautiful, and relaxing full service dive resorts anywhere. Your accommodations located In the rolling foot hills of the Ozark mountains are elegant at the nearby 1909 Depot, or if you prefer a more casual atmosphere, the Divers Lodge, located at the Mine.



Just minutes from Columbia, Rock Bridge Memorial State Park gives visitors the chance to scramble, hike and bicycle through a scenic environment – and lets them peek into Missouri’s underworld. The park contains some of the most popular hiking trails in the state and also offers solitude while hiking in the Gans Creek Wild Area. Visitors can also see a large cave system with its rock bridge, sinkholes, a spring and underground stream at the Devil's Icebox. You can explore Connor's Cave in the light of the opening for a taste of the underground world.



Beneath the fertile rolling hills of the Meramec Valley, lies a complex of mineral formations and color as rare and unique as they are beautiful. These jewels of nature which took thousands of years to grow, are preserved in the spectacular sights of Meramec Caverns.
Guided tours by trained rangers are conducted along well-lighted walkways. Learn how an ancient limestone "Wine Table" and an entire 7-story mansion were built... all underground. On tour you will see both the rarest and largest cave formations in the world.
Meramec Caverns is the largest commercial cave in the state of Missouri. Missouri is also known as the Cave state, hosting home to more than 6,000 surveyed caves. Meramec Caverns is open year round and offers a fun, affordable vacation for all its visitors.



In the early 1900s, the area that’s now Castlewood State Park was a popular retreat for partying St. Louisans. The dance clubs are gone, but the winding Meramec River and the lush valley that surrounds it remain. The park has hiking and mountain biking trails that range from those great for first-time riders to ones that even the most experienced will return to time after time. The park is considered one of the best mountain biking locations in the St. Louis area. Good fishing, broad meadows filled with wildlife, and plenty of recreational facilities make the park a favorite for people who want an adventure or just to get away.



Looking for a unique destination? Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park offers ancient beauty!
The wilderness qualities and geology of Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park and the surrounding St. Francois Mountains make this park a special place to visit. Its rugged character provides the perfect backdrop for camping, hiking, picnicking, splashing in the shut-ins, exploring nature or just relaxing.


Enjoy there or take a bottle (or two) home with you.


Online Resource

The Missouri Wine and Grape Board was established in 1984 to support the research, development and promotion of Missouri grapes, wines and juices. And support it we have. Our industry now boasts an annual impact of $3.2 billion and more than 130 wineries, supporting more than 28,000 jobs.


Augusta Winery’s award-winning wines may be enjoyed with locally produced cheese and sausage on the outdoor wine terrace or in our Wine & Beer Garden. The garden features a spectacular 10-foot grapevine-covered arbor above a peaceful fountain, craft beers, and free live weekend entertainment from April to October. The Augusta Winery tasting room also features a gift shop with items for every wine lover on the list.
We invite you to take a scenic drive thorough the Missouri River Valley and visit Augusta Winery, where our award winning wines and the historical atmosphere of Augusta will keep you coming back time and time again.


With more than 150 years of winemaking excellence, Mount Pleasant Estates is what every Missouri winery aspires to be. Experience the serenity of relaxing on Mount Pleasant’s patio with views of the sweeping vistas. Enjoy a meal artfully prepared by the chef in residence at Mount Pleasant’s Appellation Café. Discover the charm and history of old world winemaking. Taste the richness and variety of Mount Pleasant’s award-winning wines.

St James

When they opened St. James Winery in 1970, Jim and Pat Hofherr started with wines that were easy to drink and easy to share with friends and family. They re-established the grapes grown by Missouri’s historical Meramec Highlands wineries in the 1800s and used them to make flavorful wines that are unique to where they’re made.
Since then, St. James Winery has given Missouri wineries a national profile, winning hundreds of medals and expanding to become the fifth largest winery east of the Rocky Mountains.


In July of 1978, Pirtle Winery was established in historic Weston, Missouri. Presently, we are a small, quality-oriented winery; this allows us to give a great deal of personal attention to our wines. We believe this attention to detail is why our award-winning wines can hold their own against others from the US and around the world.
Our winery building is in a former Lutheran Evangelical Church that was built by German immigrants in 1867. Wines are produced and bottled in our production building across the street. On the first floor of the building is our new indoor cellar with wine bar and plenty of seating. Our tasting room and gift shop are on the second floor, and an enchanting vine-covered wine garden is adjacent to the winery.


Villa Antonio Winery is the perfect place to enjoy the company of friends and family, to relax and unwind, or to celebrate a special day.  Whether you desire an elegant wedding or charity event, a large corporate celebration or a small family gathering, we would love to serve you and your guests!  Come and enjoy our Italian hospitality, live music on our picturesque grounds, award winning wines, and a wood fired pizza or light fare from our in house kitchen.    We would love to see you soon!

Sainte Genevieve

The Cave Vineyard is a family owned and operated business. 

The vineyard maintenance and harvest, micro-brews and distilled products are all proudly produced by members of the Strussione family. 

The first 7 acres of grapevines were planted in 2000. An additional 7 acres were planted in 2001. The latest acre planted in 2009. The Strussion’s focus their energies on five varieties of grape: Chardonel, Traminette, Chambourcin, Vignoles, and Norton


The Augusta region was nationally known for its wine during the 19th century, but Prohibition halted the state’s winemaking for decades. Then, in the late 1960s and early 1970s, a few pioneering souls began to refurbish the old vineyards and winery buildings.
One of these pioneers was Clayton Byers, who founded Montelle Vineyards in 1970. The winery was later purchased in 1998 by present owner and wine maker Tony Kooyumjian.
The secret to our success in producing outstanding wines is our vineyards. The Augusta area was chosen as the first viticultural area in the United States because of our unique soils, microclimate, and history, and it is our mission to produce wines that exemplify the uniqueness of this eleven square mile area.
Our philosophy is to farm our vineyards with a respect for the land and the environment. As a result, our wines are fresh, fragrant, focused, and well balanced, but most of all, express the uniqueness of our vineyards. It is this attention to detail that


Nestled in the heart of Missouri Wine Country on a lofty river bluff rising from the Katy Trail, Sugar Creek Winery is the perfect experience. This family-owned business, situated in a turn of the century Victorian home, is surrounded by their beautiful vineyards. Multiple award-winning wines are created entirely on location using all Missouri grapes.

Proprietors Ken and Becky Miller along with their son and winemaker Chris Lorch invite wine enthusiasts, hikers, and cyclists to "take to the hill" and sample their fourteen different medal-winning dry, semi-dry, and sweet wines.

Covered decks, pavilions and charming rooms with fireplaces welcome guests through all seasons of the year.

Guests are welcome to bring their own picnics or enjoy the assorted cheese, sausage, and snacks offered by Sugar Creek.

Wright City

Over three hundred and seventy picturesque acres and two lakes surround this unique winery and event venue in the heart of Warren County, Missouri. When Carl Bolm bought Schreckengast Farm and started restoring the 1930s buildings in 2002, he had the vision that it would grow into one of St. Louis’ premiere event locations.
The popularity of Cedar Lake centers around the charming Big Red Barn and comforting ambiance of the surrounding acreage. The addition of a winery makes it an ideal destination for lunch or dinner in the country as well as large corporate gatherings or private events. Far enough to get away yet close enough to create a special day, Cedar Lake is cosmopolitan country at its finest. Our professionally run, meticulously maintained facility is sure to charm your guests and leave them wanting to come back for more.


Adam Puchta Winery produces more than 20,000 cases of food friendly, award-winning wine each year. Our wines are proudly American, uniquely Missouri and recognized for superior quality.

In addition to finding our wines at our winery in Hermann, many stores and restaurants also carry our wine. Adam Puchta wines are distributed throughout Missouri. Our wines are also can be shipped to several states visit our online store for details. 

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