The 46th state.
Capital: Oklahoma City
Motto: Labor Conquers All Things
Flower: Rosa 'Oklahoma'
Bird: Scissor-tailed flycatcher


Better when you get it from the source

Oklahoma City

HANSON BROTHERS BEER is a craft beer business founded by brothers best known for 25 years in music as the band HANSON.


Since 2013, the craft beer outfit has been sharing award-winning styles at the crossroads of their passion for music, community and craft beer, further personified by the Hop Jam Beer and Music Festival, which they founded in 2014.


Their motto is simple, Beer + Music = Awesome.

Atlas Medstaff Reviews "BEER NAME" HERE



Enjoy Nature

salt plains.JPG


For millennia, the salt plains were the scenes of Native American gatherings, providing salt and important hunting grounds. Found nowhere else for hundreds of miles around, the salt plains provided essential shelter, foraging, and breeding habitat attracting multitudes of migrating waterfowl, breeding birds, and big game such as bison and deer. Today, this unique assemblage of habitat surrounded by a patchwork of farmlands continues to be a vital migratory stopover and breeding grounds for birds and a protected area for wildlife.
The entire refuge is designated as critical whooping crane habitat for use during the fall and spring migrations of America’s tallest bird. The refuge has also been designated as an Important Bird Area and a member of the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network.



Established in 1901,Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is one of more than 556 refuges throughout the United States managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The 59,020 acre refuge hosts a rare piece of the past - a remnant mixed grass prairie, an island where the natural grasslands escaped destruction because the rocks underfoot defeated the plow.
The refuge provides habitat for large native grazing animals such as American bison, Rocky Mountain elk, and white-tailed deer. Texas longhorn cattle also share the refuge rangelands as a cultural and historical legacy species. More than 50 mammal, 240 bird, 64 reptile and amphibian, 36 fish, and 806 plant species thrive on this important refuge.



Grand Lake O' the Cherokees is located on the Grand (Neosho) River in northeastern Oklahoma, in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. It's a big place with a lot to offer, with five state parks around the winding, scenic shoreline, as well as all the privately operated commercial marinas, restaurants, motels and fishing guides. Native fish species found in Grand Lake include large mouth bass, white bass, channel catfish, crappie and bluegill.
If you're looking for natural beauty , bass fishing, water sports and picnic and playground areas, as well as camping, look no further than Cherokee Area at Grand Lake State Park. It is located two blocks east of Disney OK on SH 28, between the floodgates of the Grand River Pensacola Dam in northeastern Oklahoma, on the shore of Grand Lake O' The Cherokees.. There are over 59,000 surface acres and 1,300 miles of shoreline on the lake.
Grand Lake State Park actually consists of several smaller parks located near the Pensacola Dam and around Grand Lake O' The Cherokees. The whole area is famous for great fishing and family water sports. With picnic sites, group shelters, campsites, playgrounds, comfort stations, a lighted boat ramp and a 9-hole golf course you have everything you could want close at hand.

natural falls.jpg

West Siloam Springs

Located near the Oklahoma/Arkansas border in the scenic Ozark Highlands region of northeast Oklahoma, Natural Falls State Park features a stunning 77-foot waterfall cascading through rock formations and creating a hidden, serene atmosphere at the bottom of a narrow V-shaped valley. A railed observation platform allows hikers to overlook the falls and another observation deck with seating is located at the foot of the falls offering two vantage points to enjoy one of the most scenic wonders in the state. The beautiful scenery looks familiar to many visitors because scenes from the 1974 movie, "Where the Red Fern Grows" were filmed in the park.


Originally called Sulphur Creek, Travertine Creek gets its main water supply from Antelope and Buffalo Springs. The water that emerges from Antelope and Buffalo Springs contains dissolved limestone from underground deposits. Above ground the limestone is redeposited as a porous substance known as travertine.
From the Travertine Nature Center, you will follow the trail west to Little Niagara waterfall, a favorite swimming hole for many visitors. Little Niagara waterfall was formed by one of a series of dams constructed by the Civilian Conservation Center (CCC) along Travertine Creek. The water of Travertine Creek maintains an average temperature of 65 degrees year round, which makes for an invigorating plunge on hot summer days. Travertine Creek tumbles over 75 natural rock falls and down six man-made dams as it winds along its 2 1/2 mile course from the Travertine Nature Center to Pavilion Springs.

beaver bend.jpg

Broken Bow

Beavers Bend State Park is located in the mountainous region of southeast Oklahoma along the shores of Broken Bow Lake and the Mountain Fork River. Guests traveling down the winding roads through the forests of pine and hardwood trees will find adventure, beautiful scenery and plenty of activities inside this state park. The scenic beauty of Beavers Bend State Park makes it one of Oklahoma's most popular areas.
Towering timbers, crystal clear waters and rugged terrain make this state park an outdoor lover's paradise. Visitors to Beavers Bend State Park will enjoy hiking, biking, boating, fishing, water skiing, nature center activities, river float trips, canoeing, horseback riding and much more.



Travel a short drive to the Talimena National Scenic Byway. Explore the golden valleys of a majestic byway and discover historic towns along the way. The Talimena Scenic Drive offers you more than 50 miles of the most breathtaking vistas our states have to offer. Plus, surrounding the Talimena Scenic Drive, you will find historic gateway towns with open arms and outstanding events to fill your days.



Springs, streams, lakes - whatever its form, water is the attraction at Chickasaw National Recreation Area. Relax in the coolness of shaded streams or take a dip in a swimming hole. Little Niagara and Rock Creek beckon waders and swimmers. Veterans Lake calls anglers to test their skills. Lake of the Arbuckles provides excellent opportunities for motorboating, skiing, fishing, and swimming

bathtub rocks.jpg


Bathtub Rocks is a part of the J.T. Nickel Family Nature & Wildlife Preserve which is 17,000 acres of privately-owned pristine landscape along the Illinois River. The land owner, The Nature Conservancy (TNC), is a non-profit conservation organization that conserves over 100,000 acres in Oklahoma. TNC is not a governmental agency and Bathtub Rocks is not a state park.

Bathtub Rocks, which is a part of Cedar Creek, has water flowing over it that is considered to be one of the state’s most pristine water sources. Our scientists and partner scientists conduct water quality tests along with species surveys each year to ensure that this area remains clean and unpolluted for both nature and people.

As a friendly neighbor and active member of the Tahlequah community, we provide access to Bathtub Rocks for the local public. We also allow access to our three hiking trails on the preserve


Oklahoma City

My Beer Philosophy is simple: I brew beer that I love to drink and I believe you will too. Cheers!  
I started brewing back in 2001 with my best friend Dave, and we’d make a batch of home brew a couple of times a month. Later that year we took a trip to the Great American Beer Festival and came home with big plans for our own brewery, but it just wasn't meant to be at that time.
A few years later, my wife Cynthia and I were honeymooning in Colorado, and a tour of Left Hand Brewing Co. rekindled my fire for brewing. She was incredibly supportive as I began homebrewing again. Sadly, Dave passed away just months after our wedding (I brew Brother Dave's in his memory). I started entering competitions in 2010. A few medals from around the country convinced me to go full-steam ahead, and, after some equipment purchases and location shuffles, I was able to start Elk Valley Brewing Co. full-time in 2014.


Meet Oklahoma's oldest handcrafted beer.
In Italian immigrant Pete Prichard's effort to support his family, he came up with the idea of using an Indian Territory recipe to brew a beverage for the coal miners.
Pete's idea led to trouble during Prohibition. He was convicted, not once but twice, for breaking the federal Prohibition Act.
Prohibition was repealed in the late 1950s, but home brewed beverages were still illegal because they didn't bear the proper liquor stamps. Nevertheless, homemade Choc and wine continued to be available to regular customers at Pete's, a restaurant owned by Prichard in Krebs, Okla.
Those customers happen to include JFK and high-powered Oklahoma politicians.
Finally, in 1995, through tireless efforts on the part of Joe Prichard, the grandson of the founder, Pete's Place reintroduced Choc beer as part of the restaurant's tradition and a "legal" brew for customers.


(405) Brewing Co. was co-founded by two life-long friends, Trae Carson and Jonathan Stapleton.
Their passion for creating memorable experiences through beer has manifested into a project brewery with a philosophy of "FDR".
Each batch and every blend is an exploration into new brewing techniques and processes with an emphasis on mixed fermentation. We encourage you to visit our taproom and hang out with our community of friends!

Oklahoma City

Anthem Brewing is an Oklahoma craft brewery founded by a burning passion to create world-class beers that are as unique as the individuals that drink them. 
Our beers are our Anthem to the world.  *Made on Earth by Humans. 


Marshall Brewing Company’s goal is to bring the art, quality, and enjoyment of craft brewing to Oklahoma. MBC does this by operating with a highly trained and educated staff that possesses a passion for top quality brewing and will settle for nothing less. The company aims to be known as the premiere brewery in Oklahoma and to be respected on the regional and national markets as well. MBC’s development goals are for steady growth without ever sacrificing quality, which is the cornerstone of the product line.

Midwest City

The best place to find the freshest of Roughtail Brewing Company's offerings is right at the taphouse.  You'll find our year-round flagship favorites, limited releases, along with one-off batches that are only available on site.  
We also offer growler fills, crowler fills, and cold 4-packs for purchase so you can enjoy any of our offerings at home.


solera /səˈlɛərə/ noun
1. a system for aging sherry and other fortified wines, in which younger wines in upper rows of casks are used to top up casks of older wines stored below in order to produce a consistently aged blend.
Now, replace the words sherry and wine with beer and you’ve got American Solera, a creative craft brewery specializing in the oak barrel aging process. Most of our beers are aged 6 to 18 months prior to bottling. Giving each beer its own unique flavor profile. And with a cellar of 16 foeders, puncheons, and wine barrels the possibilities are endless.
We are proud to have been named the 2nd Best New Brewery in the World for 2016 and Best New Brewery in the United States for 2016 by RateBeer!

Oklahoma City

The COOP Taproom offers 19 rotating beers on tap, including COOP’s annual lineup of favorites, as well as brewery-only releases like Cucumber Saturday Siren, Green Room IPA and Spicy Hawaiian!
Grab a cold pack of COOP while you’re there, or buy a special release in our signature Crowler, available exclusively at the taproom!


Prairie Artisan Ales is small third wave brewery from Oklahoma. Since our founding in 2012, we have brought a unique perspective to brewing.  Sometimes that means big bold barrel aged stouts and other times it means super crisp and funky farmhouse ales.  Every beer we brew is wrapped in unique, expressive, and interesting art.  The experience is unlike any other you can find in beer.

Atlas Medstaff reviews Christmas Bomb HERE


Enjoy there or take a bottle (or two) home with you.



Our Oklahoma winery and vineyard features dozens of handcrafted fruit and berry wines, produced here from our apples, pears, chokecherries, elderberries, sumac and peaches along with our own special fruit blends and classic grape wines.  Our more traditional Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay wines are a real bargain and all made right here in Creek County, Oklahoma.
Come out and see the whole winemaking process; learn how we are turning this year's crop of Oklahoma wine grapes into premium vino!

Broken Bow

Girls Gone Wine is more than just a great tasting room with great wines
It is a fun boutique winery with a funky, sassy gift shop. Though there is no vineyard, all the wine is fermented and produced on site--their slogan is "Girls Gone Wine...not Girls Gone Farming!"


Today, after decades of silencing the vines, Oklahoma has rekindled its interest in wine grapes. Many new vineyards have sprung up in the Sparks area since we built our new custom-designed winery in 2000 and conducted our first crush. A boost for the growth of Oklahoma wine industry occurred in the fall of the same year with the passage of SQ688, allowing wineries to wholesale directly to state's liquor stores and restaurants. And 2003 is again a vintage legislative year for us thanks to the passage of HB1107, which permits sales of Oklahoma wines at trade shows and festivals. We hope that you are as excited about this as we are.


Canadian River Vineyards and Winery is located at Highway 77 and Slaughterville Rd. just south of Norman, OK and is home to our winery and several acres of beautiful vineyards planted in 2000.  We proudly make wine from Oklahoma grown grapes and would love to take you on a tour and help you experience the process of growing vines and making wines, "Oklahoma Vine to Wine."  
Our venue is the perfect setting for weddings, parties, movies in the vineyard, game night, bonfires, meetings, or quiet moments on the deck enjoying Oklahoma grown wine.  Every fall we host our Annual Grape Stomp Festival with food trucks, vendors, wine tastings, live music, giveaways, and fun for the whole family.  Join us  from noon - 5 PM Fri- Mon and enjoy our wines, gift shop, friendly staff and owners waiting to "Uncork and Enjoy" during your visit.


Route 66 is a great road to follow because you can find history in every mile. For years people have driven down the mother road in the spirit of fun with friends and family.
We invite you to our Tasting Room to experience our wines and taste the magic of Route 66. A touch of freedom, a splash of fun, years of education and experience are in every bottle.


Tres Suenos Winery and Vineyard has been in operation for over 22 years. We have a 5 acre vineyard, a cozy vineyard stay, a beautiful 4000 square foot tasting room where we host weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, reunions and more. All of our exquisite wines are produced here on site with our Oklahoma grown grapes. We have 11 amazing wines that are sure to please any palate. Please come for a free wine tasting to choose your favorite.

Broken Bow

In 1997, Jesse and Linda King opened
Three Rivers Fly Shop.   After almost 20 years of guiding and teaching people to fly fish, it was time to retire.  But quit?  NO!  Jesse loved to make wine from the wild muscadines that grew close by. 

Hochatown had grown from a quaint community they had discovered in 1997 to a place exploding with tourists.  It became clear that they could offer visitors a little bit of Oklahoma history through Muscadine wine.  Vineyards were planted and  Andy joined them to create
Fish Tales Winery & Vineyards. 
We hope you'll visit soon.


Named The #1 Day Trip in Oklahoma and Oklahoma's Best Winery for a reason! You'll love the time you spend at Woods & Waters Winery & Vineyard. In season, enjoy a glass of wine on the patio, overlooking a pond and 24 acres of grapes. Enjoy the fun and revelry of our tasting room on Saturdays. We also have special events throughout the year. 
A wine-tasting is always free. Our wines have won more awards than any others in Oklahoma -- because they are delicious! At our friendly tasting bar, we can help you find the one (or five!) that you can't live without! 
We are indisputably the most fun place to spend the day in Western Oklahoma (for adults), and we are family friendly. We offer wine tastings, exciting events, and retail wine sales.


DeLille Cellars is a boutique artisan winery located in Woodinville, Washington. The winery was founded in 1992 by Jay Soloff, celebrated winemaker Chris Upchurch, and Charles and Greg Lill. DeLille Cellars pioneered Bordeaux-style blends from Washington State, and has maintained a tradition of quality and excellence with over 200 wines rated 90+ from leading publications such as Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator, Vinous/Stephen Tanzer’s International Wine Cellar, and Wine Enthusiast.
The winery focuses on the Red Mountain AVA and grape sourcing from Washington's leading Grand Cru vineyards, including Ciel du Cheval, Grand Ciel, Upchurch, Red Willow, Sagemoor, Klipsun, Boushey and Harrison Hill.  DeLille Cellars was named the “Lafite Rothschild of Washington State” and a 5-star/outstanding producer by Robert Parker.

El Reno

Closed for Renovations

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