BARR's Bars, ltd is a small business family operation that shares their passion for crafting cold process soap. The focus of their eclectic and vibrant soap recipes invokes the olfaction sense and models recipes of a by-gone era when soap performance hydrated, invigorated, and nourished the body's skin. Handpicked harvests supplement the soap recipes in forms of oil and water infusions. The articulated floral decoration on select soap varieties also consciously originate from the floral garden blossoms, as well. BARR's Bars, ltd holds to the practice of  utilizing environmentally responsible raw soap ingredients, as well as packaging, to minimize impact on the environment.

High Quality, Organic, Vegan, Environmentally friendly, & Cruel Free Products

Decal Gypsy is brought to you by Tami Mitzel and Bree Johnson. These two PACU nurses started working together in 2006. Through countless hiking trips and journeys, they decided to indulge their gypsy souls. Over 5 years ago Tami and Bree started travel nursing.  Now these women want to share their love, joy, and light with you. Tami has a passion for art and spirituality and Bree loves tinkering. Their strengths are combined to bring you decals to show your gypsy sprit and our BeeLine to increase kindness across the globe. 
The BeeLine was established to create the intent of kindness.  In a world with so much negative energy, but there is also so much love.  We intend to spread that love to create change. Each design has an intention, a gentle reminder to those reading it.  Each act of kindness and love is rewarded ten times back to you. The change begins with YOU. Help spread love, kindness, and happiness around the globe. Bee the Change.

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