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Going to the Middle of Nowhere

I got the final word there was to be no extension where I was at. Darn covid-19 ruined the summer plans. What to do now? My specialty peds cvicu or picu was a ghost town - nothing. The list of cancellations unbelievable.

On the job board when I got off work was a listing for a hospital I never heard of, in a town not on the map in our atlas. What the heck, I'll bite, I can do pediatrics it's 13 weeks. I sent off my resume to the recruiter that posted the job. I was submitted to the hospital by late morning. I gave my phone to my husband with instructions to wake me for a call from AZ. The call came, the interview brief. The job was an IHS job - Indian Health Services - pediatric with adult overflow. I accepted the job contingent on a couple of needs, time off for my prn job and finding an RV spot. They agreed to both and now we are off.

When you work for the government you have to go through a background check. Cool been through several. Ummm, not like this though. Every state I've worked in the last 10 years had to be check. I've been traveling for 8 years now. That's a lot of addresses and hospitals. Any student loan default- you're out. Any unpaid taxes - you're out. Didn't take care of a jury duty notice - done. Hmmm maybe I'll just keep this job to myself. How embarrassing if something came-up. Of course, my mind goes to the worst possible thing... what if my ID has been stolen and I don't know it?

The finger printing lady was super annoyed with me. "Why in the world would anyone need this many fingerprint cards? You're just being ridiculous." Me, " Lady it's for our government." She had nothing more to say. Eight fingerprint cards in the mail. Now we wait.

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