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I'm officially going to nowhere

Two things happened at once.

First I'm cleared! My background was good! No Stolen identity. I'm a fine upstanding citizen.

The second was the news media finally exposed just how bad covid-19 has hit the Navajo reservation.

Covid-19 had hit the community hard I was going to. Some houses had no running water. Wait... let that sink in. No running water in 2020. Now towns were shutting down around the reservation. So not only did they not have running water they couldn't go to town and buy water.

Now I know I'm going to be needed. The question becomes when do I tell my family and friends where I am going. Hmmmm maybe I'll just keep this to family.

I started with my mom. She didn't seem shocked. I don't know if much, when it comes to my career choices, shocks her anymore. I sent her the artical above, doctors without borders coming to help in America. Actually, she was super supportive. She was ready to share it on her Facebook page. "Mom, just don't tag me yet. You can post about it. I'm just not ready to let everyone know." We both decided it was going to be a complete change ahead for me.

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