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In any industry there will be people who see a need and wish to fill it. The issue that many people seem to take is to question the intention of those who are filling those needs. Are they out simply for a side hustle to make as much money off of you as they can? Do they really care about you or providing you with a service or product that has value? How do you know?

In my experience, you listen. You listen to people who filled the need, the individuals or companies who partner with them, those who have used the service, and others who have had experience with that person or business. Then, and I must emphasize this, you make your OWN conclusions based on what you have researched. In our industry, this would lend itself to looking into a new agency or recruiter. In this article, I chose to focus on a company who is seeking to make the process of finding a recruiter easier, better, and much more streamlined: Nomadicare.

When I initiated my research into Nomadicare, I quickly learned that there was a lot of conflicting information, and I had would have to sift through it to find the facts.

For those of you that do not know, let me start by explaining what Nomadicare seeks to provide and a little history of Laura who started it. From, Where Great Travelers meet Great Recruiters! is their motto. This actually works both ways. Laura, the founder of Nomadicare, was a healthcare traveler for 7 years. After her own bad recruiter experience, she decided to create a new standard of finding recruiters with integrity for her fellow travelers. Nomadicare interviews and vets recruiters for you. They find the ones that pay fair, are fun to talk to and have the speed and hustle needed to get you your dream travel job! They even find out the company's direct contract locations and benefits so you get a match that is perfect for your unique journey. It's 100% free for travelers! This is where the first question arose. It clearly says that it is free for travelers, but makes no mention of the cost for recruiters.

So, I did the next logical thing: I interviewed a recruiter, Kalie Simmons from MedTravelers, that has been through the Nomadicare process, and here is what she had to say:

The vetting process is free to me and our agency, this is strictly where Laura does a lot of pre-screening documents and online survey type questions to see if we would even be a potential fit with Nomadicare. If you pass the entire initial screening about how you run your business then you will do the 1-hour interview with Laura! Laura is incredibly thorough and gets very detailed when choosing her recruiters. She has certain things that are deal breakers right off the top, so if you don’t mix with any of her founding principles then you will get passed on during the vetting process!

I enjoyed getting vetted though, I was excited to talk to Laura because I thought that although I did most things very well, that she could still open my eyes and teach me things about the industry from the traveler perspective that I had not thought about before! And she did just that! I love that we can pick each –other’s brains allllll the time! We have cultivated more than just a business relationship and are genuine friends!

This is how the process works, but I had to dig a little further to find out the amount that Nomadicare charges recruiters and companies to be on her list and be vetted. In my opinion, it would be hard to trust a list that you have to pay to be included on. How would Laura justify putting out a list of recruiters who bought their way on it? Well, here’s the thing, she doesn’t. Through my interviews with Kalie and Laura, there is absolutely zero costs to the recruiter or agency. The ONLY way Nomadicare makes any money is when a traveler is matched with a recruiter and gets a job. It would be the same as a referral bonus given to another traveler. The only difference I can maintain is that Nomadicare negotiates a different bonus than normal, but it is the same rate for each company. Laura has always maintained that it is against her policy to have any of that money come out of the portion of the bill rate that goes to the traveler, while normal referral bonuses are.

This got me thinking. She changed that policy for her travelers, what else has she done? Apparently, she has negotiated a higher OT rate for her travelers, especially with those companies that were paying only a 1.5x rate. Laura exclaims that Nomadicare travelers have a great reputation and often get paid more because of it.

In my evaluation, the services that Nomadicare provide is essentially doing your research of companies and recruiters for you. It is free and there is no commitment from the traveler. If you have your companies and recruiters set, this option may not be valuable to you. Laura took her concept and transformed her idea into something travelers could use to aid them in their quest for a recruiter. For those of you who need a recruiter, do not want to do your own research, or simply want to stream line the process, Nomadicare may be a “match” for you. Even if you choose not to utilize this service, she has other valuable resources. Not to sound like an infomercial, but wait, there’s more! Nomadicare recently released a “Fair-Pay calculator,” has a dream job board, and a multitude of resources and blogs posts to help educate you; all for free.

You can find info on the “Nomadifair” (clever pun) calculator at her website,

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