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Nurses' Week

  I am going to cover both sides of an issue I have read about all this week.  A week that is meant for celebration for all of nursing.  As a traveler, we have all been staff nurses at one point.  We understand that the hospitals may or may not do anything to show their appreciation of nurses.  This is not different for agencies and recruiters.  Some will send you a nice gift for Nurses Week, while others will not.  Some hospitals, agencies, and recruiters are more focused on getting new nurses than focusing on keeping the ones they have.  We all understand the reality of this; we all understand that they are not all created equal.

      One issue that I have is that nurses will get on Facebook and blast their company for not sending them a gift, not only for this week, but any other time of the years others get gifts.  This may be a little but of jealousy, and I understand everyone wants to feel appreciated, but blasting them publicly only serves to make you look bad; a narcissistic, childish individual.  As a recruiter, if I saw this post, I would add you to my list of people not to work with.  People feel appreciated in different ways as well.  There is a book entitled, The 5 Love Languages, that illustrates this quite well.  If you haven’t read it, I would recommend it.  I don’t expect gifts for Nurses Week, but I do have some expectations of my recruiters.

       My take on the gifts is an employer who wants to show you their appreciation should give you something for Nurses Week.  It helps the nurses feel appreciated and want to work for the company.   It is a nice gesture, but I do not believe one should expect it.  I feel that companies, hospitals, etc. would want to do something though as nurses are their lifeblood, and if the nurses are happy they will refer others to the company or hospital.

      Don’t get me wrong. I love gifts as much as the next person.  It’s my love language.  With that being said, my expectations of my recruiters are that they would send me a text or email saying Happy Nurses Week.  It is a minimal task, and if we working together, it is the minimum they should do.  I would go as far as to say that if my recruiters that I partner with to look for jobs didn’t at least send me a single text during Nurses Week, I would consider moving on.  We obviously do not have a great relationship.  If you can’t take 5 seconds out of your week to send me a text, whether or not I am on contract with you, then I will not take time the next time to tell you I am looking for a contract.  It is absolutely ridiculous that if a nurse has their profile in through you, and looks for contracts with you that you can’t send a simple text. 

       I did receive texts, FB messages, or emails from everyone I consider my team when I am looking for a contract, in addition to gifts from my current agency, as well as the company I worked with for the last 18 months.  I did not expect either gift (although I got a gift from the company the year before, so I knew one was coming).

       To summarize, if you are a recruiter at least send your nurses a text, email, or call them to show some appreciation for them.  If you are a nurse, show some professionalism, and do not blast companies or recruiters on Facebook for not sending you a gift.  If you have a recruiter who does what you expect, or shows you appreciation, be loyal.  If they do not meet your expectations, move on.

     So, if you decided to read this through, I am going to give back to you for Nurses Week. I am going to have a contest and the prize is a $25 Amazon gift card and a Scrubsquad1978 T-shirt (you pick the size and color).  To win this prize, simply like and share this post, then comment with a hashtag that epitomizes #scrubsquad1978 Everyone who does this will be entered to win, and a random winner will be drawn out of a hat by my daughter, and the video will be posted. Winner to be announced May 25th at 7pm EST

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