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Questions to Ask Your Recruiter

Questions about company

Does your company offer insurance? If so, does it start day one? How much is insurance (based on my needs)? Can you send me info on your insurance? Does your company offer a 401K? If so, do you offer matching? How many current jobs does your company have in my specialty? How does OT work with your company? Holiday pay? What will happen if I cancel my contract early with your company? What will happen if the hospital cancels my contract early? What areas seems to have the most jobs? What sets your company apart from others? What kind of bonuses does your company offer? Do you reimburse for licenses? How much does your company offer for travel expenses?

Questions for recruiter

Why did you want to become a recruiter? What is your philosophy as a recruiter? How many travelers do you handle? If I have trouble locating housing, would you help me? How would I contact you? What is your availability for me to contact? Would I always talk to you or do you utilize a team? What is one thing you wish all travelers knew? Can you describe a situation in which you would submit me to a job without my permission? In your words, can you describe to me what having a “tax home” means? How do you break down pay rates when sending me jobs? Describe a time that a situation turned bad for a traveler and you had to go to bat for them.

Questions to Ask the Hospital during Interview

Hospital Contact


Beds on Unit


Scrub Color

Patient population


Floating policy

Charge duties

Parking including costs

Orientation schedule

Pre-Hire tests

Shift requirements

Weekend requirements

Holiday requirements

Time off approval

OT availability

Cancellation policy

Extension possibility

IV team

Phlebotomy team

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