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Us Vs Them

Us vs. Them: Travelers and Recruiters/Companies

There is a mentality of travelers vs companies. I think this could potentially tear apart the industry. Every company out there, regardless of focus, is in business to make a profit.  There are some companies, such as, Atlas, that seem to put Travelers first.  (To be transparent, I do not work for or with Atlas). This is simply the vibe I get from other people who have and from TravCon. I will do my best to never publicly shame a company.  There are ones that I have talked to that make me feel very uncomfortable and uneasy.  They seemed shady, and I decided not to work with them.  This is in every walk of life.  I got food poisoning from a restaurant once, and I didn’t eat there for a year, but never publicly complained about them. Some places are good; some bad. The same goes for travel nursing.

Who cares about the bill rate? Staffers don’t get to know the profit margins of their hospitals. It could be listed somewhere publicly, but not always.

If you don’t like a pay package, don’t complain. Simply don’t take it. If you do not like a company, or had a bad experience, don’t complain on Facebook. It makes you look bad. Some companies actually care. If you work with one, stay loyal. If you don’t feel like your company has your best interest in mind, find one that does. If you think that companies are “stealing” money from you because they have to make money…. well, I don’t know what to tell you because every company has employees, and needs to make profits. Sometimes I feel like we feel we are owed something by these agencies.  We’re not. They don’t owe us financial records, profit margins, overhead costs, swag, gifts, etc etc etc. They owe us a professional relationship with good pay packages. Anything about that is awesome, and we should be thankful for it. We need to start building a community of working together. Not against.

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