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Where Great Travelers meet Great Recruiters! Laura, the founder of Nomadicare, was a healthcare traveler for 7 years. After her own bad recruiter experience, she decided to create a new standard of finding recruiters with integrity for her fellow travelers. Nomadicare interviews and vets recruiters for you. They find the ones that pay fair, are fun to talk to and have the speed and hustle needed to get you your dream travel job! They even find out the company's direct contract locations and benefits so you get a match that is perfect for your unique journey. It's 100% free for travelers! And check out their blog, guides, and checklists - Nomadicare is also a place that is full of unbias information helping both recruiters and traveler feel empowered and inspired!


Hi my name is Julia!  I am a Speech-Language Pathologist who combined working as a healthcare traveler along with traveling the world in between assignments.  Hence, the traveling traveler.

Whether you are looking to be a traveling healthcare professional and take short-term assignments or take a vacation to a new destination, I hope to inspire you to travel and offer resources and inspiration to help you on your journey!


Travelers School is a step by step... 7 Module, 7 week, interactive video-based training program that teaches Healthcare Travelers how to Travel Smarter, Make More Money, and have the best possible experience on the road.

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We Are Nurses Who Want To Make A Difference

Nurse Nirvana was started by two Registered Nurses who wanted to make a change in the nursing industry.  We have been nurses for approximately a decade each and as travel/contract nurses for the last 5 years.  As travelers, we got to see the country, work hand in hand with a diversity of nurses, see how other facilities are run, and work with multiple recruiters, agencies and hospital systems.  You also see the injustices, poor staffing situations and safety concerns. 

 We wanted to fill a void and make a place where nurses can get together and discuss anything related to nursing and interact like never before on the internet.  Make a Difference!

We didn’t create this website to get rich or create some type of mega business.  We are doing this to make a place where nurses can make a difference in nursing, and have a place to free discuss and interact.

It is Your Community!  Our Community!  Do as you wish with it, it is totally free and always will be. 


With over 30-years of combined experience recruiting travel nurses and allied professionals, we heard all too often the “fake it ‘til you make it” teaching method, ourselves included.  This led to inconsistencies and gaps in processes and sometimes, even resulted in poor patient care because the wrong people were placed in jobs by inexperienced recruiters. Our Recruiter training program was solving an area of need for agencies across the country. As our client base grew, we continued to ask how we could better support their businesses. This led us to develop our Leadership training platform, Credentialing/Compliance, and Account Management platforms.


Portfolio of Work

Alex McCoy

Designed for traveling healthcare professionals or ANYONE who is frequently on the move and trying to stay healthy while doing so. Healthcare recruiters are welcome to join in the fun, but please no recruiting or direct messaging unless a member specifically asks for it. This includes products or services you might sell as well. Fit Travel Life was founded by Alex McCoy, RN, BSN as a way for busy professionals to support, encourage, and give advice to each other in a safe space. Feel free to share your challenges, your success, and ask for help! Also feel free to check out for a free workout guide and some helpful pieces on staying healthy on the road!

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Dr. Dylan Callier

A podcast following traveling physical therapist, Dr. Dylan Callier, as he interviews other experts within the travel healthcare field to provide information for all travel nurses, therapists, and tech's.

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