The 13th state.
Capital: Providence
Motto: Hope
Flower: Common blue violet
Bird: Rhode Island Red


Better when you get it from the source



Revival’s all about creating a distinctive craft beer experience that appeals to everyone. From seasoned beer geeks to those just getting into craft beer, there’s something for everyone here. Community is everything to us. So we partner with other local businesses to bring you a uniqueness you won’t find anywhere else. We recently opened the doors to a new restaurant inside our Cranston brewery. Ever since then we’ve been committed to bringing you delicious food to complement the beers we brew on-site. Chef Larry Busteed and his team are constantly reinventing themselves to curate a menu full of fan favorites and weekly specials. Whatever they don’t make in-house, they source from local purveyors in the food scene. So you can expect the same quality and freshness in our food that you get from our beer.


The Ravenous Brewing Company is proud to call the City of Woonsocket home. Established in October 2012, it is situated in the northern end of Rhode Island. We are lucky enough to bring the first brewery to this region of the State, and provide another choice to the passionate beer drinkers of New England.  We are a family owned business and appreciate the help and support that we have received from all of our friends and family.


The road to a new brewery wasn’t an easy one. Rugs were pulled, plans fell through, and one of the potential future homes for the brand literally went up in a 5-alarm fire only days prior to closing. While the path to a new brewery became a struggle and disheartening at times, Narragansett left no stone unturned.
Finally, in April of 2016, Narragansett announced plans to partner with The Guild to build a brand new facility in Pawtucket, RI laying out a strategy for ‘Gansett to brew beer in Rhode Island for the first time in over 30 years.
Construction of the brewery continued through 2016 and into 2017, transforming an old mill building into one of New England’s largest beer production facilities. With great pride and a slice of humility, Narragansett Brewery at The Guild finally opened its doors and brewed it’s first batch of It’s About Time IPA in March 2017, fulfilling its dream and starting a new chapter for the company.


We proudly brew everything on-site and offer a constantly rotating menu. We intentionally do not offer flagship beers, which allows us to put out new releases every couple of weeks to keep things fresh, exciting, and reflective of the seasons, or whatever our brewers are enjoying at any given moment in time.
We are open to the public for pours, growlers to go, and weekly can releases. Every Friday we offer special cask-conditioned releases in limited batches, but they tend to go quick, so make sure not to miss out.


Trinity Brewhouse was established in late 1994 as one of the first brewpub restaurants in New England. Located in the heart of Downtown Providence, Trinity Brewhouse is within walking distance from all major venues and hotels in the city. We're right around the corner from Trinity Repertory Theatre and across the street from The Dunkin Donuts Center and Rhode Island Convention Center.
Our beer is crafted with the finest quality ingredients from around the world and filtered Scituate Reservoir water from right here in Little Rhody. The beers, ales, porters, and stouts available at the Brewhouse are brewed on premises - ensuring a high quality product that is always satisfying and never flat. Our Brewmaster takes great pride in providing our customers with the freshest beer in the city.


We make beer & spirits. And, in fact, our ocean air is a part of our distilling process. “Made of Sea & Spirit” may be aspirational but for those of you who’ve been to our island and breathed in the ocean air and walked our well-traveled paths…you know what we mean. It feels ‘big’ sometimes. It makes us want to do our jobs well; make it worthy. The best part though is this same Spirit, this Sea…it’ll knock us down too. One mother of a Nor’Easter will occasionally and unceremoniously leave a note pinned to our door that reads “It’s just beer. The parking lot needs plowing”.  

We’ve been brewing craft beer since 1999 and distilling spirits since 2006. Every drop sold is brewed, distilled, bottled, and/or canned in our Newport, RI facility. We’re there every day and we invite visitors and friends to stop by our Tasting Room or Outdoor Pavilion for our classic spirits and fresh brews


Located in our historic barn, we are proud to be Rhode Island’s first farm brewery.  A visit to Tilted Barn Brewery allows you to tour the brewery, walk through the fields to see, touch, and smell the ingredients that go into your beer, and relax in a century-old barn while enjoying the fruits of our labor. Our small batch, hand-crafted ales are best enjoyed fresh and in season so be sure to make the trek early and often for a true farm-to-pint experience.


On April 4, 2011, Grey Sail Brewing of Rhode Island moved in. After seven short months the renovation was complete and grain was once again brought to the building, now to brew the first batch of Flagship Ale on 11/11/11.
Sit on any beach in New England and enjoy the views of rolling waves, glistening waters and grey sails on the horizon… it is truly inspiring. Those grey sails inspired us to keep moving forward, and here we are.
Brewing great beer is our passion. We want to share that passion with you. Please visit our facility at 63 Canal Street in Westerly to see where it all began and sample our fine brews.

West Kingston

We opened the doors of our first location in West Kingston, RI in February of 2013. Three and a half years later we took the 20 minute trek north to Warwick, RI. Our new brewery is a 15,000 square foot beast with over 5x our West Kingston production capacity. This new facility features a 2,000 square foot barrel aging and wood cellar for sour and wild ales, as well as a 3,000 square foot tasting room and retail area complete with custom art installations, bar, furniture, and a small retro video arcade. In the spring, we plan on adding an outdoor patio to the lineup.


Enjoy Nature

block island.jpg

Block Island

Block Island is special in so many ways. It is unlike anywhere you have ever visited. Whether you enjoy a laid-back beach day, a vigorous bike ride, an adventure in a kayak or a paddleboard lesson, our little island is worth exploring.What many people don't realize is just how easy it is to get here. Only 12 miles off the Rhode Island coast.  Once you've arrived on-island, you will not come across a traffic light or a big chain business, but you will be blown away by the natural landscape with stone wall-lined rolling hills, breathtaking bluffs, and pristine beaches.



Beavertail State Park, located in Jamestown, Rhode Island, is known for offering some of the most beautiful vistas along the New England coastline. The Park attracts people from all over the country, to enjoy its pristine environment. Beavertail’s most popular activity is sightseeing, and can be done from the comfort of a vehicle, in one of the four overlooks or on foot, from the rocky coastline. Beavertail also provides some of the best saltwater fishing in the area, along with offering hiking trails, and a naturalist program that attracts hundreds of people each year.



Round Top and Little Top are connected by Round Top Brook; seasonally stocked with trout; plenty of parking; kayaks and canoes can easily be dropped in Round Top. No fee.


Port Angeles

Located in the backwoods of Rhode Island, the low lying Jerimoth Hill is the highest point in the state, but coming in at 45th among its fellow state high points, its not that impressive until you consider that it was nearly completely inaccessible for decades.  Among “highpointers,” people who make a hobby of visiting the highest point in every state, Rhode Island’s tiny hill is not much of a challenge. Compared to the highest elevated point in the US, Alaska’s Denali Peak which sits at 20,320 feet above sea level, Jerimoth Hill is a measly 812 feet high. However in the early 1980’s the small hill, capped with a nondescript boulder, became the hardest peak to climb.

cliff walk.jpg


The Cliff Walk along the eastern shore of Newport, RI is world famous as a public access walk that combines the natural beauty of the Newport shoreline with the architectural history of Newport's gilded age. Wildflowers, birds, geology ... all add to this delightful walk.

     What makes Cliff Walk unique is that it is a National Recreation Trail in a National Historic District.

West Kingstown

This flat, 5-mile trail is inhabited by diverse wildlife. This area offers the best spring birding in terms of the number of species; it is home to numerous and easy to find bluebird boxes and osprey nests and is the largest swap in New England, containing extensive forested freshwater wetlands, dominated by red maple and cedar swamp. Great Swamp covers a total land area of 3,349 acres. Acreage is divided among the following cover types: wetlands (2,262 acres), forest cover (897 acres), agricultural land (88 acres) and other lands (102 acres; brush, utilities etc.).


Richmond, Exeter, Hopkinton, and West Greenwich

At over 14,000 mostly forested acres, the Arcadia Management Area is the state’s largest recreational area, offering users a great variety of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Co-managed by DEM’s Divisions of Forest Environment and Fish & Wildlife, it is promoted as, and actively managed for hunting, as well as fishing, boating, hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding, to name a few activities. “Multiple use” management principles apply, assuring a safe and satisfying experience for hunters and non-hunters alike.



The campground is 3,100 acres of rocky woodland that surrounds Watchaug Pond in Charlestown. This spacious campground features over 700 rustic campsites and 20 cabins with conveniently located restrooms with shower facilities, a playground, arcade, freshwater beach, canoe rentals and hiking trails.

Fort WR First Pond fall shoreline (Ruhre

North Smithfield

Florence S. and Richard K. Fort Nature Refuge is a great place for a long hike through a variety of northern forest habitats at any time of year. This 235-acre, protected chunk of North Smithfield is a destination for hikers and wildlife watchers. Fort is known for the beautiful beaver ponds teeming with animals and birds as well as beautiful wetland plants.


Block Island

Some people say the beach at the base of the 200-foot tall Mohegan Bluffs is the most beautiful on the island, harboring a secluded, if rocky, place to swim and surf. It’s a bit of a climb to get there, however, with a set of 141 steps leading down to the sand. Make the effort and the payoff is spectacular, with clay cliffs that offer one of the most dramatic views of the Atlantic in all of Rhode Island, and a vista that can extend all the way to Montauk on the tip of Long Island. The steps are easy to find – there’s a plaque at the Bluff overlook, commemorating the history of the bluffs (Mohegan Bluffs got their name from a Native American battle dating to 1590, where 40 members of a Mohegan raiding party were said to have been driven off the cliffs to their deaths by the Manisseans, the victorious natives of the island).



Enjoy there or take a bottle (or two) home with you.



Greenvale Vineyards produces small quantities of exceptional estate grown wines. We are located along the Sakonnet River in Portsmouth, RI, five miles north of downtown Newport.
Come tour the vineyards, taste and learn about delicious wines, enjoy the beautiful tasting room, the lovely views of the vineyards and the river and hear about a piece of cultural history


Newport Vineyards was originally planted in 1977 on a hill overlooking Rhode Island Sound with the goal of producing fine wines and as a way of preserving beautiful agricultural land from rapid development. Aquidneck Island is blessed with one of the most desirable farming areas in the country, if not the world. This extraordinary micro-climate is created by a combination of the warm waters of the Gulf Stream to the south and the moderating effects of Narragansett Bay. These conditions provide a long, cool growing season ideal for developing complex flavors in wine. Since the original vineyard plantings in the 1970s, Newport Vineyards, under the ownership of John and Paul Nunes, has grown to 60 vineyard acres. Below is timeline of significant events in the history of Newport Vineyards.

Little Compton

Founded in 1975, Sakonnet Vineyard rests on 150 acres of land, 30 of which have produced our award-winning wines for over four decades. Our grapes are grown locally, picked by hand, and barrel-aged in French, Hungarian, Russian and American oak.

Nestled between two waterways, Sakonnet has distinct maritime conditions. Cool air combines with a humid subtropical climate—rarely found in northern America. These
conditions foster a longer ripening season and a later-than-average harvest. Sakonnet's soils are more mineral-based with fewer nutrients, which allows for heartier, deeper-rooted vines. The grapes are slow to develop, and mature into a fruit with low
sugar levels and high acidity—maximizing freshness and a depth of flavor. Early-morning winds blow in from the water, lowering temperatures and wicking away the morning dew. Salty sea breezes, occasional rains, and rolling fog all lend unmistakable, striking flavors to the grapes at New England's oldest vineyard.


At Nickle Creek Vineyard, our goal is to foster and develop our customers understanding and appreciation of wine in a warm and inviting environment while exposing their palate to different tastes and blends. While shopping for a new wine, we will provide you with information of suitable food pairings to enhance your personal wine experience the moment you open the bottle no matter what the occasion.


Verde Vineyards was born out of a passion for the Earth's bounty.
Our picturesque Johnston vineyard overlooks Moswansicut Lake in Scituate, RI.  Traditional wine making techniques, hand picked grapes, open fermentation
and oak barrel aging produce a wine reminiscent of the southern Rhone Valley.


Diamond Hill Vineyards is a second generation family run vineyard that was established in 1976 making it one of New England's oldest.

The winery is set in over 30 acres of vineyards, beautiful gardens
and unspoiled woodlands in Cumberland, RI.Tastings of our handcrafted grape and fruit wines are held year round
in the cosy 200 year old vineyard house.
The wines range from our estate grown Pinot Noir to luscious fruit and berry wines, and in the cold months you'll also get to try our heated spiced apple wine.


While attending University of Rhode Island, I studied Entomology, Chemistry, and Microbiology.  I took Food Science classes identifying different levels of alcohols within the local wines.  I consulted for local vineyards on inspect pest management and to the chagrin of my mom, began planting grapevines everywhere.  Rhode Island has an ideal condition for growing certain varieties of grapes. 
So try Mulberry Vineyards.  You'll enjoy.

West Greenwich

For four generations, Christmas trees perfumed the grounds at Leyden Farm & Winery. In 2010, the Leyden family became interested in making their own fruit-essence wines and planted strawberries, blueberries, and grapevines amidst the trees, becoming partners with a love for farming and wine. The fruit from the vines grew eventually becoming red wines such as their Romeo's Red and American Merlot, white wines such as Cleo's Blanc and Sunny's Grigio, or fruit varieties such as Apple Jack Russell, and  Samson's Wild Berry. Today, visitors to the family farm can enjoy bites of cheese and crackers complemented by tastes of smooth, complex, crisp wines.

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