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Many founders have a story much like others, but our story is unique. Our story started well before our great “aha” moment — it started 40 years ago. The owners of Source Medical Staffing are sisters and friends who are passion-driven and proud to be a woman-, sister-, and nurse-founded business. They were inspired to make a unique mark in the medical staffing industry, thus founding Source Medical Staffing. With an enthusiastic spirit, lofty objectives, and roots firmly in charitable beginnings, it is our goal to make a profound impact in medical staffing and the communities they reach, both near and far.

We come to work every day…to make a difference… to solve a problem… to work for you. Making a difference matters us. We believe we can add value to healthcare staffing. In fact, we’re obsessively compassionate about it.
SMS was founded in 2018.. We can guarantee that our travelers don’t get lost in the every day shuffle of “8-5” workdays.. We’re available 24/7! Our agency focus’s on staffing RN’s, Allied Health, LPN’s and CNA’s.. As a contract nurse, you choose your own journey. Whether it is the glittering lights of a big city, scenic places, laid-back lifestyles, or outdoor adventures, we’ll help you get there.

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