The 45th state.
Capital: Salt Lake City
Motto: Industry
Flower: Sego lily 
Bird: Ring-billed Gull


Better when you get it from the source


“Where’s the beer? Where are the breweries?” Those were among the first thoughts Greg Schirf had after moving to Utah from Milwaukee in the early 80’s. Incredibly, drinking and brewing were all but forbidden. Greg took matters into his own hands and did what any self-respecting midwesterner would do: He started a brewery. Wasatch was the very first brewery in Utah – and one of the first craft brewers in all of the U.S. – brewing award-winning brews since 1986.

In 1988, Greg Schirf proposed another bill to the Utah Legislature making brewpubs legal in Utah and opened the first brewpub at the top of historic Main Street in the resort town of Park City. Wasatch continues to misbehave, turning out naughty beer after naughty beer year after year.

Atlas Medstaff Reviews Black-O-Lantern stout HERE


Nestled in downtown Vernal, Utah within the heart of Uintah County is a craft beer brewery and gastropub that totally kicks ass! Cheers from the VBC!


Zion Brewery is Southern Utah's first microbrewery. Located in Springdale, Utah, at the base of Zion Canyon National Park, we are proud to handcraft a variety of beers.

Visitors from around the world can enjoy a pint of our latest selections and take in the stunning views from our very own Zion Canyon Brew Pub, located just south of the park entrance, featuring an excellent lunch and dinner menu served seven days a week. Zion Canyon Brew Pub is home to live music, unbeatable views from our beer garden patio, and a lively year-round event calendar.


Owners Kym and Pete Buttschardt are the driving force that IS the lifestyle known as Roosters! They bring a new style of restaurant to each the Weber County and Davis County communities. They immerse themselves into the community. As an anchor in the downtown community of Ogden, Kym and Pete have contributed new life to a historic street in Ogden and bring this same community-minded flare to Layton's Heritage View Blvd.


It all started with a gift that Brian, President and Brewmaster of 2 Row Brewing, was given by his wife DeDe in 2010. It was a first-time homebrew kit that seemed like a fun, one-time activity for Brian to feel accomplished in making his own beer. But similarly to most homebrewers, that process got him hooked and he suddenly found himself making five gallon batches of beer. It never really sank in that he was making a product desirable to many people until he entered some homebrew competitions, and won awards in just about every category he entered.
In about five years, that beer kit evolved into a fully fledged home brewery as Brian pursued the elusive Perfect Beer. Then on one fateful day, as he was daydreaming while looking at brewery equipment for sale, he came across a listing for a three barrel brewhouse with six barrel tanks in Georgia. Instead of moving on a saying "maybe someday", he made the call and booked the flight.
After striking the deal Brian took apart the equipment and loaded the five tons of stainless steel into a rented box van. He drove it clear across the country from Georgia to good ol' Utah on a perilous journey that consisted of driving through a tornado in Nebraska and the truck almost completely falling over with the brewery in it while trying to park on the side of the road in rural Alabama. Fate wouldn't keep Utah from getting 2 Row Brewing.


The Moab Brewery was founded in 1996 by John Borkoski (John is also the founder of a brewery in McCall, Idaho) and Dave Sabey (Dave appreciates a good beer anywhere!). Together with their partners, John and Dave have created an oasis in the desert. Moab Brewery is proud to be Moab’s only microbrewery. The beautiful and unique landscape in and around Moab provides inspiration for our fresh, hand-crafted ales.
Our most popular, Dead Horse Ale, takes its name from a scenic overlook near Canyonlands National Park. Our Dead Horse Ale is a favorite among both locals and visitors along with our Red Rye IPA, Derailleur Red Ale, Moab Especial, Over the Top Hefeweizen, and nitrogen-conditioned Raven Stout. Along with our Rocket Bike Lager, Golden Sprocket Wit and our new Johnny's American IPA, we have a variety of offerings.
After a day of cycling, river running or hiking, guests at the Moab Brewery can not only look forward to enjoying our award-winning beer, but also to dining at what has become known as the most popular restaurant in Moab, serving lunch and dinner year round. We have a state liquor license which makes Moab Brewery an even more accommodating restaurant and pub.

Salt Lake City

At Red Rock Brewery, we make it our mission to craft original and unique new beers.
We look for inspiration anywhere and everywhere, which has led to such creative brews as our award winning Red Rock Rêve, the barrel aged Belgian-style tripple ale; the dandelion-based Paardebloem; and Secale, a Bavarian-style doppelbock lager created with High West Distillery and aged in their rye whiskey barrels for six months.

Salt Lake City

Life is about living experiences worth reliving—and having the perfect beer to pair those experiences with. The journey, for us, is the process. Good beer requires state-of-the-art brewing equipment, quality ingredients and talent. But GREAT beer is brewed with environmental stewardship, support for community and a whole lot of passion.

Salt Lake City

Epic Brewing Company opened in Salt Lake City, Utah with six fermentation tanks giving it the flexibility to create a variety of small batch, artisanal beer. Within a few short months, Epic began earning medals for its beers domestically and internationally. The beer became a big hit with locals and out of state visitors alike and demand quickly increased. The brewery currently houses eight times its original fermentation space.
Three years later, in 2013, Epic expanded its brewery operations into Colorado by opening a second brewery in the River North district of downtown Denver. The Denver brewery offered enough space to support growing national distribution, expansion of the popular barrel aged beer program and the introduction of a line of sour beers. Along with these improvements the addition of a “proper” tap room featuring 25 taps was a long awaited realization, allowing Epic to feature its substantial beer selection on draught.
Despite the rapid expansion and increase in production volume Epic Brewing has stayed committed to its founding principal of small batch, artisanal beer. Every batch released in the Elevated and Exponential series is numbered, stamped, and release information is published online. Currently brewing 39 plus beers Epic believes there is a beer for every person and every occasion


Beer brewing in Bohemia dates back to the 1200s, from the city of Pilsen in the area of Bohemia in Czech Republic. In 1842 the legendary Bavarian brewer Josef Groll created the first batches of modern pilsner lager in Bohemia using traditional techniques with new paler malts. It is from these deep roots that Bohemian Brewery Lagers owe their heritage to. In 2001 Joe Petras and his family opened the Brewery with their knowledge and skill of old-world European Lager brewing they brought with them from Czechoslovakia, and ever since we have continued perfecting the art. Thanks for spending your time with us to experience how these rich traditions live on here at Bohemian Brewery every day. Na zdravi!


Enjoy Nature



Follow the paths where ancient native people and pioneers walked. Gaze up at massive sandstone cliffs of cream, pink, and red that soar into a brilliant blue sky. Experience wilderness in a narrow slot canyon. Zion’s unique array of plants and animals will enchant you as you absorb the rich history of the past and enjoy the excitement of present day adventures.

goblins lair.jpg

Salt Lake City

Hidden away on the park’s eastern boundary, beyond the cliffs that form the far wall of the Valley of Goblins, is a massive cavernous formation known as The Goblin’s Lair. Not truly a cavern, the “lair” is actually a beautiful slot canyon, the entrance of which has been sealed by rock fall. Depending on time of day, light may pour in through ceiling vents more than 100 feet above the chamber floor. Once a secret gem known only to a few, a marked trail now guides visitors to the “hiker’s entrance” of the lair. The trail begins at the observation point, and follows the Carmel Canyon loop before splitting off after 1/2 mile. Some moderate scrambling up scree slopes and over boulders is required. Caution is advised.


Red Cliffs Desert Reserve

Snow Canyon State Park is a 7,400-acre scenic park quietly tucked amid lava flows and soaring sandstone cliffs in a strikingly colorful and fragile desert environment. Majestic views and the subtle interplay of light, shadow, and color dancing across canyon walls evoke strong emotional responses from visitors.
Located in the 62,000 acre Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, established to protect the federally listed desert tortoise and its habitat, the park offers opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. Activities include hiking, nature studies, wildlife viewing, photography, camping, ranger talks and junior ranger programs. There are more than 38 miles of hiking trails, a three-mile paved walking/biking trail and over 15 miles of equestrian trails.



Mirror Lake Campground is located just off the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway on the shores of its beautiful namesake lake at an elevation of 10,400 feet. The byway cuts through the Uinta Mountains, which are known for their abundant recreational opportunities and scenic beauty.

Mirror Lake offers great canoeing and kayaking opportunities. Anglers enjoy fishing for rainbow trout. The lake is open only to non-motorized watercraft. A gravel-surfaced interpretive nature trail circles the lake. Visitors of all ages enjoy learning about local flora and fauna through a series of educational displays scattered along the trail. Many hiking, biking, horse and off-road vehicle trails crisscross this beautiful region, including trails to Bonnie Lake, Scudder Lake and Naturalist Basin, all part of the Highline Trail. Fehr Lake Trail begins just outside the campground. Bald Mountain Trail can be accessed nearby.

little wild horse.jpg


Little Wild Horse is a classic slot canyon located in south-central Utah, near Goblin Valley. It is a popular hiking spot for families and youth groups. The main attraction is a long stretch of "narrows," where the canyon walls are so close you have to turn sideways to get through. The rock walls are sculpted and very beautiful.
There are two popular approaches to hiking here. Some people simply go into Little Wild Horse, hike as far as they feel comfortable and then return the way they came in. More adventurous people make a loop by hiking up Little Wild Horse and then crossing over and descending Bell Canyon. The loop hike totals about 8 miles, and is moderately strenuous.
These canyons are normally dry, although they may harbor pools of water during the spring and immediately after summer storms. If there are pools, hikers just wade through them - the water is usually only ankle-deep.


This popular trail is on the north side of Logan Canyon and leads to a delicate triple arch and natural cave in a limestone outcropping.
Also known as the Witch's Castle, this interesting formation provides a clear view of what's called China Wall. Interpretive kiosks at the trailhead provide information about the trail, Wind Cave, bats found around the cave and rare plants in the canyon.
The hike starts about 5.3 miles up Logan Canyon National Scenic Byway, near the Guinavah-Malibu Campground. The trailhead is on the left side of the road as you are driving up-canyon. From there you hike up the ridge to the northwest, into the forest.



Hoodoos (irregular columns of rock) exist on every continent, but here is the largest concentration found anywhere on Earth. Situated along a high plateau at the top of the Grand Staircase, the park's high elevations include numerous life communities, fantastic dark skies, and geological wonders that defy description.


The Grotto Trailhead - Zion Canyon

Angels Landing is one of the world's most renowned hikes and is an unforgettable short adventure hike worthy of all bucket lists. The views of Zion Canyon's 270 million-year-old rock layers will time travel you back to the Triassic period when this section of the Colorado Plateau was a flat basin at sea level.

Anyone in an average physical condition can make this heavenward trek, but it can be mentally challenging with its steep switchbacks and sheer drop-offs. There are chains bolted into the cliff to provide secure handholds. People who have a severe fear of heights should not attempt the final stretch but can enjoy the trail all the way to Scout Lookout.



From the rocky granite shores of Lake Mary to lofty Lake Catherine the Brighton Lakes trail offers hikers classic Wasatch scenery and the opportunity to shorten or lengthen the hike as desired. The most popular lake on this route is Lake Mary the first major lake encountered one mile and 760 feet from the trailhead. Hikers looking for a longer hike can continue to Lake Martha or Lake Catherine at 1.5 and 2 miles respectively or go all the way to the top of the trail at Catherine Pass for a 4.5-mile round trip hike with a whopping 1450 feet of elevation gain. This trail is suitable for most healthy adults and children.

Grand Staircase-Escalante area

The Golden Cathedral is a unique hiking destination within lower Neon Canyon in the Grand Staircase-Escalante area. The Cathedral is locates just over 3/4 of a mile up Neon Canyon from its confluence at the Escalante River, and consists of a great, domed pour-off from upper Neon Canyon, where the water has dug three separate pothole arches into the overhang. When the sun is overhead, the daylight shines down through the arches in great, golden columns.
Getting to the Golden Cathedral is tricky, and requires a good measure of navigational skill. This hike does not take visitors the entire length of Neon Canyon—that trip is technical and strenuous, though very much worth the effort. This trip will only take visitors into the lower canyon, below the pour-off.



Enjoy there or take a bottle (or two) home with you.



The Hive Winery is a small "boutique" winery specializing in premium "non-grape" fruit wines and honey wines (known as Meads and Melomels) as well as Hard Apple Ciders. The Hive Winery creates small batches of local and specialty wines throughout the year bringing you a variety of luscious experiences for your taste buds. If you think you know all about fruit wines, think again, we craft a unique style of fruit wine, ranging from dry to sweet, many far dryer than other fruit wines on the market.


Castle Creek Winery is located 14 miles from downtown Moab up the Colorado River on scenic Hwy 128. We are situated overlooking the river’s best white water rapids, at the foot of dramatic red rock cliffs. It’s a classic, rugged Western landscape. The winery sits on a historic working ranch called Red Cliffs Adventure Lodge.  

Castle Creek’s lush, green vineyards are a standout among the sapphire sky, red rocks and mesas. In addition to our own vineyards in Castle Valley, Moab and Monticello and Spanish Valley additional fruit for the wines is sourced from growers in the area. Castle Creek wines typically made from a single vintage rather than blended from multiple ones.

Adding a decidedly civilized tone to the Wild West, Castle Creek Winery, the largest in Utah, offers daily wine tasting*. The tasting room is large and inviting – the length of the bar is likely to guarantee there will be room for you, even in our busiest times.

The winery’s upper level features a 4,000+ square foot hospitality area and a huge adjacent deck overlooking the Colorado River. Reservations are accepted for seminars, private tastings and parties and weddings. Daily tours are offered and tasting is available.


As the proud new owners of Spanish Valley Vineyards & Winery, we blend our love of creating fine wines with our skills as artists and craftsmen in all that we do. Our artistry is expressed in the language of our wine, and with each bottle we add a little poetry. We invite you to experience the poetry of our fine-crafted estate wines grown in the heart of Moab's Red Rock Country: Gewurztraminer, Riesling, and Cabernet Cauvignon, or one of our delightful non-estate specialties: Syrah, cherry, or apple wines.

Park City

The Old Town Cellars philosophy is a simple blend of quality wines, authentic mountain town ambiance, and a local culture of outdoor enthusiasts and athletes. Located in historic Park City, Utah, we strive to make great wine affordable, welcoming and fun. Through a unique and innovative approach, oTc sources fine wines from top wine growing regions to blend and bottle on site at Old Town Cellars. As passionate outdoor enthusiasts, environmental concerns are at the forefront of the oTc family's mind. Through sustainable practices and community outreach efforts, we are always striving to bring great wine and great times to our beautiful mountain town community.  Old Town Cellars represents the future of winemaking - absent of ego, full of flavor and defined by the community and culture in which it's made.

Our magnificent estate vineyard was planted in 1986 with Seyval Blanc and is located at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon at an elevation of 5,350 feet above sea level.
The early morning sunlight is unobscured by the mountains due to the location of the vineyard at the mouth of the canyon, allowing the vines to enjoy the sunlight from early morning to late in the evening.
The soils of the vineyard are composed of glacial deposits, which combined with the gentle slope provide excellent drainage for the for the vines’ root systems.
During the ripening stage, the high altitude provides the necessary low nighttime temperature which allows the grapes to ripen slowly. This enables the vines to produce fully matured, well balanced grapes, therefore retaining their natural varietal fruit flavors and natural acidity.

Cedar City

IG Winery is Utah’s premier winery located on Center Street in downtown Cedar City neighboring fine local restaurants, the Shakespeare Festival, the Southern Utah Museum of Art (SUMA), and a short drive away from Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks and Brian Head Ski Resort.
IG Winery winemaker, Doug McCombs, brings his penchant for fine wines to Southern Utah with signature blends and single varietals that are handcrafted to create rich, smooth and elegant wines that the crisp white wine lover and hearty red wine connoisseur will enjoy. McCombs sources grapes from the finest vineyards in California, Oregon and Washington; including Napa, Sonoma, Sierra Foothills, the Columbia and Rogue Valleys.

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