The 10th state.
Capital: Richmond
Motto: Thus ever unto tyrants
Flower: Flowering dogwood
Bird: Cardinal


Better when you get it from the source


The pineapple is a sign of hospitality — and we’re nothing if not hospitable. If you’re driving by the brewery and see a pineapple placed on top of our sign, it means we’re open for business.  We’ve taken steps to reduce our impact on the environment and are constantly looking for ways to be greener. Brewing sustainably is key to what we do.


Our original brewhouse and taproom was a vacant warehouse discovered in a long-forgotten neighborhood known nearly a century prior as Richmond’s German Brewing District. Hardywood has been drawing new life to this forgotten area one draft pour at a time. We now operate a 20-barrel brewhouse and taproom in the original location, as well as a 3.5-barrel pilot brewery and taproom in Charlottesville, VA, and a 60-barrel brewhouse and destination brewery in the West Creek area of Richmond, right on the border of Goochland County.

 Alexandria and Herndon

Since the inception of Aslin Beer Company, Andrew, Kai, & Richard wanted to create a company that they all would want to work for. They have strived to create a culture that celebrates beer with a passion and depth of knowledge that can’t help but be contagious to our customers. We realize that our beer is not the only product we provide, but a long lasting relationship between our company, employees, and customers. Aslin Beer Company doesn’t take itself too seriously. Any why should we? Beer is fun. It’s for kicking back: vacations, parties, hangouts. Along with the fun and humorous atmosphere, our founders’ have a passion and dedication to create a good product and have a commitment to provide the best beer to all passionate beer drinkers alike. Our company will craft only the highest quality ales, lagers and variants that will help redefine American beer culture, re-educate the consumer palate and revive people’s passion, while using the highest quality ingredients from around the world as well as sourced locally.


Harrisonburg, VA is and always has been our home, so where better to open a brewery than in our own backyard? Well, maybe our taproom/brewing facility isn’t literally in our backyard – in fact we renovated a soda bottling plant to suit all of our production needs – but with such a close-knit and supportive community, every inch of Virginia feels like home.
Brothers Craft Brewing (originally Three Brothers Brewing) was founded by the three Shifflett siblings, who used their collective experience to execute a singular vision: brew exciting, unique craft beers that emphasize and support our community.
It didn’t take long to realize that same community was our extended family. The three of us may be related by blood, but our staff, our customers, and our collaborators have all become brothers.
When thinking about the people we’ve surrounded ourselves with and making sure we had the ability to continue to grow, we made the bold decision to rebrand our business as Brothers Craft Brewing.


Alewerks remains committed to quality, even as we continually increase production.  We take great pride in each and every ounce of beer we brew, whether it's consumed in our taproom or at any one of our many retail partners across Virginia and Washington, DC. Our brewers work hard to craft balanced, nuanced beers that are faithful to their traditional style; the result is a diverse portfolio of consistent quality that keeps people coming back year after year.


Welcome to The Veil Brewing Co. We are a craft brewery located in the Scott's Addition neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia. We focus on hop forward beers, high gravity and barrel aging, lagers, wild ales, and spontaneous fermentation. We are dedicated to quality and strive to provide a unique experience through our beers and our tasting room.
We look forward to seeing you soon. Cheers!


We are a small craft brewery in Loudoun County Virginia dedicated to making the very best beer we can. We specialize in constantly rotating many different styles of IPAs, lagers, mixed fermentation, and barrel aged beers. From week to week, you'll find new creations on tap to come and taste or take home. At Ocelot, We are a combination of beer geeks, engineers and brewers and We love music! Our beers are named after song lyrics from some of our favorite artists. Scroll down below for an up to date tap list and schedule of events, beer releases, and local live music.

Goochland and Richland

Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery is Virginia's award-winning Farm Brewery, located on 290 pristine acres in Goochland County, Virginia, USA, Earth. We love to make innovative, premium beers for beer lovers. Sometimes it's hard to find, because we don't have those fancy machines, where you push a button and beer comes out. Small batch flavor, and hard-to-come-by are just by-products of the craft, ingredients and care that goes into each brew.
We grow a lot of our own ingredients, like: wheat, barley, hops, berries, pumpkin, and what we can't find—we source it from local farmers, or from global farming communities. We are global stewards of good water, and, unlike most breweries in the world, we sustainably source our own water onsite. Many of our signature beers are aged in ultra-rare Kentucky Bourbon barrels (so rare, we can't name our source) for up to 12 months.


Original tasting room located in the heart of Downtown Richmond. This intimate 2,900 SQ FT brewery houses a nice outdoor patio, in house 7bbl brewery and pizza. Cans, growlers and crowlers are available daily.

The Fulton Brewpub is the second and much larger location. The building features a large outdoor patio, brick-oven pizza, sizable event space and 20bbl brewhouse. Cans, growlers and crowlers are available daily.



Enjoy Nature


Blue Ridge

Georgia's favorite mountain town is only 90 miles north of Atlanta via I-575, but a million miles away from the city. Hop in the car, turn on the radio and soon you'll be on Blue Ridge time, enjoying some peace and quiet in the beauty of the Blue Ridge foothills. Rent a luxury mountain cabin and wake up to cool, crisp mornings with a cup of coffee on the porch. After a day of fun and adventure, finish the day in the same spot enjoying a glorious mountain sunset with a glass of wine or sweet tea. You may never want to leave the porch, but don't miss out on the fun of exploring Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains.


The world-renowned attraction has achieved a decades long goal of eliminating the remaining steps on the 1 ¼ miles tour route. The steps, which lead tours from the Entrance Lobby into the caverns, have been bypassed by a 164-foot corridor that was excavated into the hillside adjacent to the Entrance Building. A looping covered walkway connects the existing building to the new entrance. The exterior appearance of the historic Entrance Building has not been altered, and the new entrance and walkway maintain the cosmetic elements of the existing structure for a consistent outward appearance.


Cumberland Gap National Park

Along the south face of Cumberland Mountain, in Virginia, are over 30 caves varying from 20 feet to over sixteen miles in length. These caves occur in the Greenbrier Limestone formation. Some of the caves contain vertical shafts up to 125 feet deep as well as small, tight, crawl-ways large enough for a small person or child to enter. The caves are rich in wildlife including numerous species of bats, salamanders, aquatic invertebrates, cave crickets, and small rodents. Most of the caves in the park are closed to the publlic, however, ranger guided tours of spectacular Gap Cave are offered throughout the year.


This rare piece of geology was first discovered in the 1740's by James Burke while hunting in the area. The name "Burke's Garden" was given to the valley as a joke in 1748 after Burke planted potato peelings by the campfire of a surveying party. The next year, a fine crop of potatoes was found.  It is oftentimes referred to as "God's Thumbprint" because of its view from the air, this mountain-ringed bowl is 10 miles in diameter and filled with some of the most fertile farmland in the state. The area, at 3000 feet, is the highest mountain valley in Virginia. It was designated a National and Virginia Rural Historical District.The community can be viewed from the Appalachian Trail or by car from state route 623.



More than 850 feet long and 10 stories high, Natural Tunnel was naturally carved through a limestone ridge over thousands of years. William Jennings Bryan called it the "Eighth Wonder of the World." Other scenic features include a wide chasm between steep stone walls surrounded by several pinnacles, or "chimneys." Facilities include two campgrounds, cabins, picnic areas, an amphitheater, a visitor center, a camp store and a gift shop. You'll also find the Wilderness Road historic area, a swimming pool with a 100-foot slide and a chairlift to the tunnel floor. Guests enjoy cave tours and canoe trips on the Clinch River, as well as the Cove Ridge Center, which offers environmental education, conference facilities and overnight dorm accommodations. The Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Center is new this year.


Bountiful nature, as richly colored as our mosses underfoot, our mountains on the horizon, and our sky overhead.
Rivers to raft, heights to scale, camping, birding and porches to be sat on…while smiles form lazily upon contented faces.
Expect this and more at Breaks Interstate Park, up in the mountains of Virginia and Kentucky, where uncommon history, heritage and heart offer a welcome that never wears out.



The Channels Natural Area Preserve, located within the Channels State Forest, is managed by the Department of Forestry in partnership with the Department of Conservation and Recreation.
The preserve name is derived from the maze-like system of sandstone crevices and boulders that occur near the summit of Middle Knob on Clinch Mountain. The Channels were likely formed while the high-elevation sandstone cap was under the influence of permafrost and ice wedging during the last ice age. These forces shattered and enlarged joints in the sandstone caprock.
A diversity of forest types from cove hardwoods to northern hardwoods are present as well as rare and imperiled plant species.

Chincoteague Island

Assateague Island is a Barrier Island which lies to the east of Chincoteague Island. Assateague Island protects Chincoteague Island from the Atlantic Ocean. Assateague Island is approximately 38 miles long. The entire Island is a wildlife sanctuary, protected from development. The northern portion of Assateague Island is in Maryland, the southern portion is in Virginia. Visitors can access the north end of Assateague Island near Ocean City, MD. The Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge (CNWR) is located at the southern end of Assateague Island, near Chincoteague Island. A short bridge connects Chincoteague Island to Assateague Island. Entering Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, visitors are immediately surrounded by the splendor of unspoiled nature. Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge includes more than 14,000 acres of beach, maritime forest, saltmarsh, and freshwater marsh. The Refuge is home to a spectacular variety of migratory birds, plants, and other animals. Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge is one of the most visited refuges in the country, receiving approximately 1.5 million visitors each year. Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge offers a variety of outstanding outdoor recreational opportunities.


Ft. Blackmore

Devil’s Fork Loop Trail is perfect for the true back country enthusiasts who are willing to get their feet wet. All hikers should be prepared to scramble over boulders, and should plan their visit during relatively low water conditions. The highlight of the trail is the spectacular Devil’s Bathtub, a naturally smooth swimming hole.
After the first creek crossing, you have the option of going right or left. The Forest Service has the sign pointing both ways to the Devil’s Bathtub, but the mileage is not marked. To the right is seven miles round trip, but with no creek crossings. To the left is the shorter and more heavily traveled trail with the 13 creek crossings.
Weekdays are the best time to visit Devil's Bathtub due to it popularity.

Nelson County

The scenic 2.5-mile loop trail to Crabtree Falls is moderate to strenuous with a steep incline and rocky terrain. Hikers should allow 1.5 to 2.5 hours for the entire hike.
From the trailhead in the parking lot behind the campground entrance, the trail descends .9 mile to the falls through a mixed oak-hickory forest. Hikers also will pass through a thicket of rosebay rhododendron.
At the base of the trail is spectacular Crabtree Falls, where water cascades over a 60-foot rock cliff. Many types of ferns and wildflowers thrive in the hollow, benefiting from the waterfall's cool spray. The wet rocks here are slippery. Please do not climb on the rocks.



McAfee Knob is one of the most photographed spots on the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) as it winds its way through Virginia.  The Knob has an almost 270 degree panorama of the Catawba Valley and North Mountain to the West, Tinker Cliffs to the North and the Roanoke Valley to the East.
It is a steady climb of around 1700' in about 4.4 miles to the Knob from the VA311 parking area. On a clear day you will have some of the best views in the Southern Shenandoah Valley. Due to its popularity you will not be alone on this hike, but the overhang of McAfee Knob and its views make up for the lack of solitude.



Enjoy there or take a bottle (or two) home with you.



The entire estate is open for tasting our wines in a stroll or in a picnic, and our informed and enthusiastic hosts conduct tastings continuously in the Tuscan Tasting Room, every day of the week, and in Library 1821 on Friday through Monday. The Tasting Room is where the broadest range of our current vintages is introduced, while the Library 1821 presents a changing selection of flights of older vintages from our cellars, and with bite-sized culinary pairings designed by our chefs. Every encouragement is given, also, to enjoying our wines in the truly splendid lawns surrounding the historic Landmark Ruins of Thomas Jefferson's mansion for Governor James Barbour, a pleasant stroll away.


The Harvest Barn is our wonderful family friendly Tasting Room. Enjoy a tasting at one of our five bars on the lower level, or hang out and enjoy a glass upstairs under a beautiful vaulted ceiling. The spacious terrace & front lawn are the perfect space for your picnic!
The Harvest Barn also sets the stage for our group reservations. Enjoy table side service and beautiful views, perfect for any gathering! 
Well mannered, leashed dogs are welcome to join!
aerial winery production and tower view tasting 
Guests ages 21+ are welcome to join us in our stunning Tower View Tasting Room. Enjoy a tasting at our main bar or purchase a glass or bottle to enjoy from our Marketplace, complete with gourmet snacks & gifts. Wine Club Members & their guests can also enjoy access to their exclusive space, Wild Boar Hall.
Picnics are not permitted at the Tower View Tasting Room, but join us on the weekends to try our fabulous wood fired pizzas!


Known for his innovation and winemaking expertise, Michael Shaps has established himself at the forefront of the modern Virginia wine industry. Producing wines under the Michael Shaps label and for several prestigious wineries throughout the state--one winning the Governor's Cup in 2017--his accolades and national recognition are beyond compare.
Unlike his peers, he also owns and manages a successful winery in Burgundy, France, where he studied and trained to be a winemaker in the early '90s.  These wines, under the Maison Shaps label, are produced and bottled at Michael's winery in Meursault, and imported to the United States.
Visitors to the winery, Michael Shaps Wineworks, in Charlottesville have a unique opportunity to taste both his highly regarded Virginia wines, as well as his high-end Burgundy wines.  Michael's second tasting room, Wineworks Extended, at the bottling and storage facility near downtown Charlottesville, is home to Michael's everyday drinking wines under the Wineworks label, available on tap in growlers, carafes and glasses


All our wines are extremely limited in production. Our total case production is currently under 1000 cases. We currently distribute in Virginia, DC, Georgia, and South Carolina. We ship directly to consumer to all states that permit shipping of alcoholic beverages into their state. We encourage you to join our Wine Club (membership is free) to guarantee availability and receive discounts.


The historic and conservation-protected Blenheim, Claim, and Seaview Estate Vineyards was established in 2000 by our esteemed founder—inspired by the potential of this amazing wine growing region.

It is the creativity and hard work of the people at Blenheim Vineyards that has allowed the quality and breadth of the winery to grow. There have only been 2 winemakers at Blenheim, and we are proud to have Kirsty Harmon at the helm of production and overseeing the estate.


Boxwood Estate Winery in the Middleburg Virginia AVA, is the fulfillment of a long-held dream by proprietor John Kent Cooke, former owner and president of the NFL Washington Redskins. An admirer and collector of French wines, particularly great Bordeaux, Cooke and his team at Boxwood are committed to making premium red & white wines in the Bordeaux tradition, but with their own, distinct Virginia expression.
Boxwood Winery is located in an area steeped in Revolutionary, Civil War American history and renowned for world-famous horse farms. Today the area is also known as a wine region, Virginia being the fifth largest wine producing state. The Boxwood sustainable vineyards occupy 26.5 acres of the historic landmark farm, and are planted with traditional Bordeaux varietals, predominately Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc & Sauvignon Blanc, all ENTAV certified.


Come enjoy the internationally acclaimed wines of Breaux Vineyards. Our 400+ acre estate has 104 acres planted in 17 different grape varieties. Nestled between the hills, our vineyard plantings extend up the Short Hill Mountain. Long vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains can be enjoyed from our tasting room, Patio Madeleine and our landscaped terraces. We are located only an hour from metropolitan DC, Dulles and BWI airports and a short distance from historic Harpers Ferry, WV. Come see Virginia’s Favorite Winery!


Chateau Morrisette is among the oldest and largest wineries in Virginia. We also operate an award-winning restaurant with a 95% recommendation rate on OpenTable. With fresh vintages, flavors, and events at the winery, restaurant, vineyard, and festival field throughout the year, we will keep you abreast of all the great happenings and the people who make up Chateau Morrisette Winery and Restaurant in this blog and through our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest sites.


In 2005, Jess and Sharon Sweely planted the first vineyards on the property. Jean Case and her husband, Steve, purchased the property in 2010 and, after some renovations, re-opened it under the Early Mountain brand in 2012. 
In 2015, Early Mountain expanded its acreage to include Quaker Run Vineyard, 14 miles north of the Early Mountain estate in Madison County. That year, Early Mountain increased its acreage of classic Bordeaux-type varietals such as Cabernet Franc and Merlot and added new varietals including Malvasia Bianca, Sauvignon Blanc, and Tannat.


Fabbioli Cellars has an incredible network of family, friends, employees, and volunteers that contribute year-round to their endeavors. To the Fabbioli’s, each person part of this network is comprised as extended family. From planting to pruning, crushing to bottling, and delivering to pouring, the team at Fabbioli Cellars is key to the success of their rapidly growing business.
Bound by a common passion for fine wines, earth-friendly farming, and lasting friendships, everyone at Fabbioli Cellars revels in the challenges that each day brings while keeping confident that their efforts will not only bring them closer together, but will positively impact the experiences of each customer and the community, while showcasing the best in Loudoun’s rural economy.
We hope to see you in the tasting room soon!

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